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Jan 8 2009: Meeting Recap

Yesterday’s meeting was a TERRIFIC start to the new year!

We would like to thank all our guests that visited us:

  • Sabrina (Financial Planning)
  • Ingrid (Hair Stylist)
  • Erin (Hair Stylist)
  • MaryBeth (Hair Stylist)
  • Paul & Ellen (Florist)

There were a lot of escrow tips – 7 for the hair stylist and 4 for the florist, which shows that these categories are in high demand.

Mikel (www.webflexor.com) got all our heartrates going with some quick yoga stretches (For those who don’t know, Mikel used to be a professional yoga instructor).

2008 Holiday Party

What a Fantabulous Holiday Party at Sue's this weekend! Great FOOD, great PEOPLE, great VENUE, great FUN. Almost every guest ended up connecting with the entire group, learned of lots of new restaurants to try, tv shows to watch and generally enjoyed each others company. Personally, I really enjoyed getting to know the better halves of all our friends.

As the night flew by, we finally started the gift exchange. A peaceful start quickly descended into a strategy filled sniping of some of the best loved presents. Among the most coveted were an R/C Helicopter, Mikel's bowls (of course), and a bottle of Chambord ;) . After all the gifts had been unwrapped, we went on to raffle of the trip to Hawaii!! And the winner is, Christina. Suckers! (that's from Llewellyn)

Our last meeting of the year is this Thursday. We hope that all of you have a wonderful and much deserved holiday. We want to thank everyone not only for making Saturday so special and fun, but enriching our lives all year long.

Rich & Llewellyn

Dec 4 2008: Meeting Recap

Welcome back from the long Thanksgiving Holiday! We hope everybody had their fill of turkey. Dr. Bakur started us off with another acoustic rendition. After he started us off, we introduced our plethora of guests:

· Ana Meyers (Bookkeeping + a new member!!!)
· Dave Haugh (Dry Cleaning)
· Jose Castaneda (Auto Detailing)
· Michael Conoly (Payroll)
· Michael Hormozi (Dry Cleaning)
· Nafisa Braimah (Catering)
· Sabrina Nichols (Financial Planning)

We want to offer a warm thanks to the guests and our members that invited them.

Sue Crowder from Union Bank of California was our speaker for today and asked us to talk to other companies about the benefits of doing direct deposits with UBOC. She also told us about safety deposit boxes, which we encourage people to use, considering the fires that plagued us from past years.

Nov 13 2008: Meeting Summary

Thanks to all who attended our meeting this morning! It was a really energetic meeting, let’s keep it up!

After Dr Bakur (remember, he’s our chiropractor, not our musician) kicked off the meeting with his acoustic rendition of the Beach Boy’s Surfing Safari, we welcomed our guests:
Shane, a SEO specialist (Search Engine Optimization)
Brendan, Auto glass repair
Tammy, a CPA (woo whoo!)
and Chris, a graphic artist, who started the meeting as a guest, and ended it as our newest member

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