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Forearm BashOur meeting started off today with some hand shaking, high-fives, and introduced the 'forearm-bash' to the group.  In the forearm-bash-mash were several guests from sought-after categories:  Dave, a caterer who catered another LeTip group's event;  Sam, a carpet cleaner & restoration specialist that helped Rich clean as well as remove several wrinkles in his carpets, and Claudia, a friend of Patty's who has helped


Today's LeTip meeting started off with Mikel leading us in some yoga stretches.  As he had us interlace our hands behind our back, the collective groans reminded us how we're not quite as limber as we used to be.  But on the up side, he got our blood flowing and our meeting going.

The other aspect that always energizes our group is our guests.  Today, we were introduced to Michael, an electrician and Jerry, a printer.  Both positions are much needed in our group, and we hope that they were able to make some good connections at their first meeting.

Marvelous Magical Mystical Mixer Recap

What a magical, marvelous mixer! We really had a great time last night, hanging out our members, getting to meet a whole bunch of new people and to seeing some old familiar faces as well.

Jasmine hosted a marvelous party at her office. Due to the excellent cooks throughout our group, we had an amazing feast. Shane brought his signature (as of last night ) ribs, Debbie put out an impressive sushi display, and it seems like everybody managed to get at least one lumpia. Llewellyn, as a firm believer in testing, sampled everything and vouches that it all was good.

Our guest entertainer for the night was Star Alexander, the Motivational Magician, who went from group to group, amazing everybody. In Llewellyn's group, Star showed (or didn't show?) us how the eight of hearts has a habit of showing up at the top, bottom, middle and even sometimes behind Llewellyn's ear. Most of the time he amazed everybody with his close-up magic. Meanwhile, many of us had our fortunes told to us by Star's wife, Lady Star, and she informed me that our group will double before the summer solstice!

One story I'd like to share is about Chris's father. Chris' father works for Union Bank, just like Sue, and was supposed to fly back up to San Francisco for a meeting but postponed it to attend our mixer. Now you might ask yourself, "Is our mixer fun enough to postpone a flight to San Francisco?" And the answer is, 'YES!', yes it is. But that's not why he wanted to come. Chris's father wanted to come because he's so happy with the growth he's seen in his son since he joined our group. While that says quite a lot about Chris, I also think that says quite a lot about us.

The night closed with Star Alexander showing us some of his larger tricks, colorful coloring books, picking bubbles out of the air, rings out of envelopes, and thumb cuffing Llewellyn. A fun time was had by all.

We look forward to seeing everybody at our normally scheduled meeting next Thursday morning.

Thank you to everybody that came!

Rich & Llewellyn

Put Your Face in Karen's Hands

High Five!Llewellyn and I would like to send out a virtual high-five on a great meeting this week!  For those of you who missed it, we kicked off the meeting with a round of high-fives for everybody.  The guests that were in the high-five mix included:

  • Amanda – The Hair Colorist at Erin's Salon
  • Julio – Mobile Auto mechanic
  • Ruby – Concierge

And two returning guests that were voted in as new members!

We also welcomed our newest members, Derek (General Contractor) and Jamelin (Mortgage Loans) with their velvety smooth LeTip business card holders.

Feb 26 2009 Meeting Recap

It always feels good to sit down to another full and energetic LeTip meeting.  
Tip Master's Tips by Llewellyn Falco
One of the reasons for such a great meeting is our wonderful guests:

  • Sondra – Family Law
  • Mike – Personal trainer
  • Matin – Financial Advisor
  • Larry – Videographer

And newly voted in members:

Today, Mikel Bruce (www.webflexor.com) did our warm up exercise with a couple yoga poses.  Mikel not only stretched our bodies, but helps to get our blood flowing and our minds focused.  These warm ups really contribute to the high energy of the meetings.   Do you have an idea for a warm-up activity?  We'd like to have more ideas.  If you do, let Llewellyn and Rich know.

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