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Don't Drop the Ball!

What get's your motor running?

Business Networking Ball

We started today's meeting passing Mike's medicine ball around the room.  The first time, as we were still waking up, Mike clocked us at a sluggish 24 seconds.  He then motivated us to work together better with the threat of pushups.  Anyone who's been to one of Mike's bootcamps knows what a threat this is, and we ended up reducing our time by over 30%, clocking in at 16 seconds!  And already working together as a well oiled networking machine!

Great Guests - We had another great group of guests this week, helping us to keep the ball moving:

  • John McConnell - Financial Psychologist
  • Tina Pavez - Life Coach
  • Cheryl Hanson - Fortune
  • Erin Whitford - Massage Therapist
  • Florence Casiez - Massage Therapist
Thanks for coming - It's always great to meet up with other motivated business professionals.

Breath Deep

Do you have trouble making it to your 7:00am meetings?

Take a deep breath.

Feel the air flowing in through your nose, filling your lungs up and rounding out your belly.

Now let it all out. Mike showed us this trick to get the blood flowing and mind going, even at seven o'clock in the morning.  Of course, being our personal trainer, this exercise also helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and relieve back pain.


April 16 Meeting

Group Dynamics & Tour de Taglines

Chair, anyone?Are you sitting down right now? Is your chair in a line, upside down, or back to back with another chair? Hopefully Thursday's workshop gave you some new insights on how to work better with others rather than against them.

Mikel warmed us up with some yoga warrior poses. Erin was gracious enough to serve as Mikel's assistant, showing us the proper form.

Spring break contributed to many absences today, but fortunately we still had a full house due to our wonderful guests showing up in force.

We'd like to make a special thanks to:

  • Dave Connors - Caterer
  • Brian Geffen - Screen printer
  • Tom Bordyczewski - Window Cleaning
  • Tom Sandler - Picture Framing
  • Robert Rosenthal - Send Out Cards

Paul did a great job with his floral show boat table. It was also really nice to see Paul's wife, Ellen, again. Ellen helped out with his show boat and participated in our roundtable.

Flowers By Rosie


You know what's awesome?

Today's meeting was awesome

Not only did we have great talks, great performances, and great people, but it was also a record breaking day:Sue Crowder, Record breaking tipper

  1. Today set the record for the highest number of tips passed at a meeting (47)!
  2. Today Sue set the record for the highest number of tips passed by one person at a meeting(10).  Way to go Sue!
  3. Today set the record for the most money raised by our raffle!

Our awesome showboat came from Barbara Lukehart, our Health & Wellness expert from Youngevity.  She had introduced us to a variety of the different lines of products she sells to help you live younger, longer.

Barbara Lukehart, Youngevity

Our awesome warm up was from Chris.  Chris (if you haven't yet, check out his band, Endoxi) treated us to a little sampling of his blues guitar to kick things off.  

Our awesome guests today included Debbie's friend, Leora, a Mary Kay representative, and back for some seconds, was Dave, a caterer from Pasta Bravo.  We hope to see him next week, returning as member!

Marketing Plans for a Small Business

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business and it’s critical that a growing small business invests time, energy and financial resources towards building their business. It’s also important to remember that nothing stays the same - Everything by the nature of its existence is either growing or shrinking - and your business is not an exception.  If you are depending on hope or good luck to build your business, than you may be missing some important elements.

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