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Wealth of Health

Good Morning!

Mike Deibler started of our meeting with a quick exercise entitled 'Good Morning'. 

UpWarm Up!


Patty SterlingPatty Prevents Probate

Patty followed up from her speech last week with a showboat detailing the different aspects of a trust.  Patty showboated how to:

  • Protect yourself while still alive, in case of medical emergencies with a health care directive
  • Ensure that your children go directly to the caretakers you wish with a simple guardianship provision
  • Make sure your money, home, and personal property go to your loved ones with a living trust

Finally, she showed us how doing all this will save you and your family time, money and taxes.

Lawrence Bakur, ChiropractorStress Relief

Our chiropractor, Dr. Lawrence Bakur (http://www.lifestreamhealingarts.com/), talked today about the 3 types of stress people can experience. Physical Stress, Emotional Stress and Chemical Stress. Unfortunately, many people discount the connection between their emotional stress and the manifestation in thier physical pain. Dr. Bakur then disscussed a few of the techinques he uses to identify the stress, and then release it. 

Barbara LukehartGetting Back Up

Continuing on with the healing theme, Barbara Lukehart (http://www.longevityminerals.com/) related a personal story from a serious sub-arachnoid brain hemmorage. Out of every 100 people that experience this, 99 do not recover.  Barbara is the 1 that did.  She attributes her recovery to the fact that her body had the proper nutritional building blocks from Dr. Wallach's products to rebuild itself after the hemmorage.  Make sure you do too.

Why You want to Avoid Probate / What to do if you're in a car accident

John McConnell receives his official LeTip BadgeJohn McConnell receives his LeTip name badge

Our personal trainer, Mike, started off our meeting by using the one thing I do well against me.  We did a variation of the squats which alternated between standing up and sitting down.  This simple variation on an everyday activity woke us up and energized everybody for the meeting.

Art & Architecture

Our first guest today was an artist, Harrison Howard, who specializes in murals and prints.   Sue's 'Community Resources' flyer is what sparked Harrison's interest in our group and motivated him to meet with all of us.  Thanks Sue, for doing such a great job!

Also back for his second meeting was Alin Maxon, a local architect specializing in re-designing local hotels and businesses.   It was great seeing you again and we hope to be adding you to our membership next week.

More Business With More Conversions

Yes, we brought back the HIGH FIVE. 

We kicked off this week's meeting with a fun round of shaking hands and high-fiving. It was fun slapping hands with our guests & getting to know them.  Brian Young, from Mutual of Omaha, was new to the whole 'LeTip' concept and wanted to evaluate if it's a good option for his financial advisors.  Lisette King visited us, not only interested in the Credit Repair or Identity theft categories, but she also made the beautiful hand bags that were on Debbie Bonham's show boat table.  While we missed Brian, it was also good to meet his business partner, Tommy Neer.  Thanks for visiting!

Follow Up!

The first thing Mikel discussed was identifying Key Performance Indicators and the math driving the bottom line.

LPO & Sew Sew Sew

Mike Deibler, San Diego Premier Training
Tools of the Trade,
San Diego Premier Training

I love the enthusiasm that new members bring to our group.

It was fantastic to have John McConnell, one of our chapter's newest members, step up and contribute the warm up for today's meeting.  John, our psychologist, got everybody's blood flowing and brains primed for business with some stretching and breathing excercises.

It was great to connect with new faces this morning. We would like to thank the following guests for attending and hope they saw how our group could help them grow their business.

  • Florence - our new massage therapist has been voted in. Welcome Florence and a special thanks to Erin Fong for inviting her!
  • Alin - Architect with Maxon Design in Ocean Beach was an incredibe wealth of knowledge and was clearly an authority on architecture in San Diego
  • Malia - Visited us from Serra Mesa Le Tip chapter, it is always great to meet with other dedicated LeTippers!
  • Tina - a life coach - came in good cheer and is planning on joining in the future!

Exercise Your Networking Skills

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Today we had two great guests join us, William Holzhauer & Tammy Rimes, proprietors of Hacienda de las Rosas winery in Old Town. We were excited to have our first visit from a winery  - We think this adds an extra touch of class and sophistication to our chapter.  

We are also grateful to have Tina Pavez, a Life Coach, join us as well.  

Between our two guests, one way or another you should become a happier person. 

Mike gives Chris his first flying lesson.

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