More than just the spine - Dr. Shamin Matin, Chiropractor

Greetings San Diego Networkers! We had an awesome WIN LeTip meeting at the Riverwalk Golf Course clubhouse.  

For warm-up, Wayne Fletcher our Auto Detailer had us all stand up and turn sideways and then proceed to massage the shoulders of the person in front of us! Way to go Wayne what a relaxing way to start the day. 

Good news for the week, Rich Yumul of Sagetree Solutions is a finalist for the best emerging business in San Diego, a great honor for Rich pointing out his excellent business skills.  Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust announced that her homeschooled daughter received a score of 98% on all of her tests. Patty, you missed your calling you should have been a teacher.  Christiana Rodgers our Financial Planner with ING announced that her new website is approved, and up and running so take a look at and you can really receive a lot of great information for planning your future.  Carol Lord-Heuschele of C3 Marketing Consulting announced that she has a new 4x4, finally!

Our guests today were Panh Onpacng a Mobile Automotive Mechanic and Justin Shaw who works with Wayne Fletcher at Mr. Michael’s Auto Detailing.

As a special recognition, Wayne was awarded movie tickets for having six tips in one month.

Our massage therapist category is now open so anyone that wants to invite their favorite masseuse, do it now because that category fills up fast and they usually receive a lot of tips.

We also had a little tutorial on Assumptive Tipping from Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies.  The basic premise of assumptive tipping is using email to introduce prospects to each other.  What you do is send information to the lead and to the person being tipped. That way they both have each other’s information and can easily get in contact with each other.  Remember to include both people’s information or else it’s not a tip.  This is an easy way to reach your 4 tip a month requirement.

On May 26th we are having our meeting in the evening to take advantage of our special speaker, Topher Morrison.  This is an “open house” type of event and you are encouraged to invite friends that might be interested in the business and networking opportunities that WIN LeTip offers.

Today our speaker was Dr. Shamin Matin our Chiropractor.  He is a non-surgical orthopedic specialist and he has just moved into new offices and has a new business name, Advanced Theraputics.  Dr. Matin wanted to really stress that he is not like most chiropractors who “rack and crack you” and then send you on your way in 7 minutes.  He truly spends time with you diagnosing your pain or problem and then designs a therapeutic program that combines work that you do (in the form of exercises or stretches) and chiropractic adjustments.  He provides a cure, not just a place where you keep going to get your neck cracked.  Dr. Matin really helps people with their pain and issues and they can get back to their life. Remember, pain is a signal that your body is having a problem.  Just ask any of several WIN letippers who have received pain relief from Shamim.  He has a loyal and dedicated following. Many of us have never experienced such a competent and caring and effective chiropractor.  Thanks for your great talk Shamim!

Remember, new members you need to attend a networking class.

Don’t forget to tell everyone about our business mixer on May 26th with Topher Morrison, it will be a very enlightening event as he is a great speaker on how to move your business forward in these tough times.

Quote for the day comes from Stephen Covey…

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things.  And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside. The enemy of the ‘best’ is often the ‘good’.”

Keep on moving forward,

Carol Lord Heuschele

C3 Marketing Consulting


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