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Greetings WIN LeTippers!

We had an awesome meeting at the Café on Park, the food is great !  We started off with a rousing cheer exercise from Terry Farouk of Way2Execute. Who knew that he was a cheerleader from a past life! 

Good News

We started off with Good News!  Seth O’Byrne of O’Byrne Real Estate Consultants announced that his partner in his Real Estate practice is starting the Pacific Beach chapter of LeTip and if you know anyone that wants to be part of LeTip, and the position is filled in our chapter, there is a place for you in Pacific Beach!

Great Guests

We welcomed one guest this week, Dina Lyon, of Rush Press. Thanks Dina for braving the change of location and our rowdy group.  At the end of the meeting Dina had SEVEN escrow tips for printing projects.  This just goes to show that we REALLY need a printer.  We hope that Dina joins us soon.  We love guests and invite service experts and professionals to join us.  See our list of current openings on our website and come to the next meeting.

Big Tipping!

Today we awarded our past two months worth of big tippers.  For January the biggest tippers to Sue Crowder of Union Bank were Rich Yumul of Sagetree Solutions, Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust, Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies and Wayne Fletcher of Mr. Michael Car Wash Salon & Detailing Center LLC.  Each of the biggest tippers received $15 for the four-way tie for first place.  

Next, for the February biggest tippers to Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust, Sue Crowder (again!), Mikel Bruce (again!), and Debbie Bonham of Sew What Tailoring received prize money too.  Awards included $50 for 1st place to Sue, $25 to Mikel, and $25 to Debbie.  Way to pay for your membership dues by being a great tipper!

In case you didn’t know, Anne Pettay is who we are trying to tip the most this month too. Who will be the winner this month?


We then moved on to elections.  The election committee headed by Carol Lord Heuschele of C3 Marketing Consulting included Wayne Fletcher and Steve Clark of Steve Clark Home Improvements. The six board member position nominees spoke today to give us an idea of how they plan to grow the group and what they can do for WIN LeTip.  

Seth and Mikel – the membership co-chairs, plan on growing the group to three times our size.  The goal is to shoot for 50 people by the end of the year.   Remember, it is not only Seth and Mikel that grow the group, it is everyone!  

We then moved on to the TipMaster position.  Dr. Shamim Matin our Chiropractor and Dr. John McConnell our Psychologist plan on heading up this important seat.  The doctors will keep our tips straight and help us tip each other correctly.  

For the Secretary position, Terry plans on introducing ideas on how to make the group grow. Terry has already proven that he is a positive driving force in the group so we look forward to his participation.

The Treasurer position will be covered by Ana Meyers of Meyers Bookkeeping and Sue. Both Ana and Sue are committed to keeping our accounts straight!  

For the Vice President position, Patty stood up and told us how she plans on keeping up the good work that she has been doing for us the past year with the board meetings and other VP duties.  

Finally for President, Rich has stepped up for another year. You can’t get better than Rich for dedication and commitment to the group.

A list of the rest of the nominations were passed around and if anyone does not like what chair or committee they were placed in, please contact the election committee and we can discuss alternates.

Systems Integration

In this jam-packed meeting we then moved on to our Roundtable discussion headed by Rich.  Rich spoke about Systems Integration which in the business context (not computer programming) is the process by which you take a prospect and turn it into a sale.  Having a good system helps you identify good and bad spots in your sales process and helps you duplicate the sales process that leads to your best sales. Rich suggested that once you have identified your best sales process you then make a script. Then when you make a future sales call to a prospect or receive a call, you can follow your script and you don’t have to worry about what to do or say and put your energy into the prospect call not what you are going to say or hope you don’t miss anything.  We then moved into discussing with our power partners ways that you can improve your sales process and then add on to the sales process more work for your power partner. Great topic Rich, and we look forward to being more efficient in our sales process.

We then had our raffle thanks to Steve our showboater for bringing the liquor and Sue for bringing the macadamia nuts.  The winners nicely shared!  

Next week we are back at Riverwalk and we would love to see you there.


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting


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