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Greetings Le Tippers!

We started the meeting with an exercise for the mind with a partner. Each person discussed how they helped a business or customer. Funny thing about this exercise is that it really helped focus on what you can do for other people and how you just did it for a customer. This was an excellent exercise for creating your 30-second speech.

Our two guests were introduced, Patricia Mills of First California Funding and Greg Wynn of My California Loan. Both were coming back for a second time and both were mortgage loan consultants.

Good News

Moving right into good news we learned that:

  • Dr. Shamim Matin really helped a patient receive care for a kidney issue. Dr. Shamim discovered in his exam that the patient’s pain emanated from his kidney, not from a bone or muscle issue. He sent the patient to his primary care doctor. We hope the patient receives the care he needs for his kidney and resolves his issue.
  • Steve Clark our General Contractor and Michael Calabrese our Painter are working together on a project and having a great time collaborating.
  • On a lighter note, Carol Lord Heuschele our Marketing Consultant, back from vacation in Baja reported that her son, Kyle kissed a whale!

Big Tipper: Patty Sterling

Remember, the Big Tipper for the month is Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust. Keep trying to tip Patty and you might be the winner of the biggest tipper to Patty for the month.

Networking Around Town

Anne Pettay of Guardian reported on the other networking opportunities around town.  Jasmine Guerrero of Farmer’s Insurance and Dr. Shamim Matin, our chiropractor both went to the Chamber of Commerce event and really had a great time tag teaming it and getting lots of potential contacts. Anne will be reporting on these events that you can go to and expand your networking even more!

Seth O'Byrne: Helping Out Homeowners

This week our speaker was Seth O’Byrne of O’Byrne Real Estate Consultants. He discussed short sales of homes. He had some very interesting statistics that were thought provoking. For example, one in eight homes are in trouble, either in foreclosure or behind in payments or becoming a short sale. Another statistic is that one in 10 homes that are in trouble is not seeking help for their issues. Seth also wanted us to know that some banks make more money with short sales due to FDIC insurance coverage.

In order to qualify for a short sale your must meet the following qualifications:

  • in distress,
  • can’t hold onto the home or make payments,
  • and your home must be “upside down” (you owe more than its worth).

But there is hope if you are forced into a short sale; there is no financial liability for a simple short sale, and it can’t ruin your credit for longer than two years.

Finally Seth announced that his company is doing a downtown property bus tour of properties in distress for those who want to invest downtown or live downtown. This tour will be Saturday, March 13th and you need to RSVP with Seth in order to save your spot.

At the end of the meeting we had a “speak-off” to select which mortgage loan consultant would join our group. Both Patricia and Greg did a fabulous job of telling us all about their companies and what they would bring to WIN LeTip. After they left, the voting was a tight race (since both candidate were excellent) but Greg Wynn came out on top. We would like to welcome Greg as our newest member in the category of mortgage loan consultant.

We had a great meeting and look forward to seeing everyone and any guests that would like to try out networking with WIN LeTip.

And remember the quote of the day by Aristotle:

"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do." 


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting

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