Auto Detailing with Wayne Fletcher

Greetings WIN LeTippers!

Back at Riverwalk this meeting we had a great turnout with several guests.  Terry Farruk of Way2Execute started our minds and engines revving by asking “Who do you Love?”   Of course, it should be you! Love yourself, love your business and it will show!

We started off with Good News!  Terry signed his son up for Pee Wee football and they are still looking for cheerleaders, just in case there are any wee LeTippers that want to start a cheer career.  Barbara Lukehart of Youngevity announced that she has yet another grandchild and this time it’s finally a girl! Way to go Barbara.

We welcomed several guests this week.  Roman Schwab, a network engineer of Remsis IT-Solutions, joined us and told us how his company can keep your computer networks humming and working for you.  Elyse Wilhm, a Financial Services Associate of Prudential, discussed how she focuses on clients goals and is very customer service driven.  Vanessa Swafford, an Interior Designer of VanMarie Interiors, joined us for a second time and discussed how she does residential interior design and has 8 years of kitchen and bath experience.  We are so honored to have these great professionals visit us and urge them to join us soon, we would love to build our group with their expertise and business sense. We love guests and invite service experts and professionals to join us.  See our list of current openings on our website and come to the next meeting.

Today we started with elections.  The ballots were passed around and everyone unanimously agreed to vote in all that were listed.  For the board positions the following people were elected for another term: President,  Rich Yumul of SageTree Solutions; Vice-president, Patty Sterling of Pacific Coast Trust; Treasurer, Sue Crowder of Union Bank and Ana Meyers of Meyers Bookkeeping; Secretary, Terry Farouk of Way2Execute; TipMaster, Shamim Matin of San Diego Center for Health with Dr. John McConnell our Psychologist as assistant; Membership, Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies and Seth O’Byrne of O’Byrne Real Estate Consultants. For a full list of positions see our website.

In case you didn’t know, Anne Pettay of Guardian is who we are trying to tip the most this month. Who will be the biggest tipper this month and win the prize money?

In a special recognition ceremony we honored Rich Yumul, our President with a special gift certificate.  We wanted Rich to know that we all appreciate the hard work and dedication he has to WIN LeTip.

Wayne Fletcher of Mr. Michael’s Auto Salon told us all about car washing and detailing both interior and exterior.  He discussed paint and how you need to clean it and keep it waxed in order to make it last longer.  He also mentioned that you should never wash your car with dishwasher detergent as it strips the oils from the paint and ruins it eventually.  (Take note do-it-yourselfers)  When Wayne comes to you he expertly washes and details your car inside and out. And then he also “clays” the car and then waxes it. The result is a shiny; see your face in it, exterior and a beautiful clean-smelling interior.  He can get some scratches and dents out and he can fix some paint issues.  Rich gave a glowing recommendation about his car looking and smelling great and Terry gave another glowing recommendation that Wayne made his wife’s car look like new again.  So if you want to keep your car looking its best talk to Wayne and get the full car detail treatment.

We then finished the meeting with our visitations and 30 second commercials.  

As a quote to ponder:  “No pressure, no diamonds” (Mary Case)

Keep up the great work and see you next week Riverwalk.


Carol Lord Heuschele

C3 Marketing Consulting



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