Debbie Bonham with Sew What Tailoring

Greetings Le Tippers!

We started the meeting with a Yoga exercise lead by Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies. Once Mikel got our blood flowing, we introduced the new board. Congratulations to all new board members we thank you for your dedication and volunteerism.

One point that our new Tipmaster, Dr. Shamim Matin of Advanced Body Therapeutics wanted to get across is that we need to concentrate as a group on outside tips, not just tipping each other in the group.

We had good news all around with Debbie Bonham of Sew What Tailoring announcing she has a new car. Rich Yumul of Sagetree Solutions announced that he now has a 6-year old and Sue Crowder of Union Bank announced that she has been married for 32 years. And finally, Seth O’Byrne received recognition and an award in front of 2000 of his peers and had to give a speech! Yikes! This was at the Ronald Reagan museum.

Our three guests were introduced, Elyse Wilhm of Prudential Financial Services, Vina Gutierrez of Silpada sterling silver jewelry and John Taft a Videographer. Elyse is back for a second time and we will be voting her in later today.

Greg Wynn of My California Loan received his White LeTip badge today and we are excited that he has joined us. Seth received his Blue badge for having more new guests joining us.

Remember, the Big Tipper for the month is Anne Pettay of Guardian. Keep trying to tip Anne and you might be the winner of the biggest tipper to Anne for the month.

This week our speaker was Debbie Bonham of Sew What Tailoring. She discussed all the methods that Sew What can help you in your clothing needs. Along with Leah, her partner, Sew What Tailoring makes beautiful clothing from your personal designs. Sew What Tailoring is also known for their wedding dresses, from altering everything for the wedding party to creating original wedding dresses from your dreams and designs. Not to leave the men out, Sew What can also alter suits, either in or out and sew on military or uniform patches. If the item can fit under a sewing machine, they can sew it!

A special business area that Sew What is involved in is creating prototypes for all of your fabric creations. One of their great successes is the “shower hug” which has now expanded their line to three more items. Another prototype they are currently making for a customer involves baby stroller covers. After Sew What has created the perfect prototype for you they can also create the pattern for the patent office!

For all your sewing needs come and see Debbie and Leah at Sew What Tailoring.

We then had the vote for adding our newest member, Elyse and we are proud to announce that she everyone voted YES! Welcome to WIN LeTip Elyse!

We then had our raffle with great prizes donated by Anne, Seth, Debbie and Mikel. Thanks for the donations; our raffle supports all of our marketing efforts.

We had a great meeting and look forward to seeing everyone and any guests that would like to try out networking with WIN LeTip. And remember the quote of the day by Aristotle:

"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do."


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting




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