Watch your back

Tree Pose!Today, in an effort to help our featured speaker (Dr. Matin, our chiropractor) drum up more business, we all stood on our chairs and saw who could hold the yoga 'tree' pose the longest.  At the very end, our returning president, Rich Yumul turned out to be the most balanced in the competition.  Hip hip hooray for Rich!

Coming in a close second was our first guest,

Louie was joined by two other fabulous guests,

We look forward to voting on all three guests' membership next Thursday.

Ana Meyers, our bookkeeper, showed off the new look for her business with her showboat table.  Don't wait till April to get your books in order!

Ana Meyers


Living with pain

Dr. Shamim MatinSo many of us have learned to live with ever-present aches and pains that we have grown to accept as just being part of life.  Today Dr. Shamim Matin, our new chiropractor, reminded us that pain is actually the way the body tells us that something is wrong and needs fixing.  Dr. Matin is a specialist in orthopedic diagnostics - this training enables him to find the source of your aches and pains, and not just to simply treat the symptoms.  Dr. Shamin shared several stories of patients who went years with pain, to finally find permanent relief after he correctly diagnosed and treated them. 

If you currently experience pain that you are 'just living with', give Dr. Shamin a call (619) 299-1200.


Big Tipper

Just a reminder - this month's big tipper is Carol Lord, our marketing expert.  Carol setup a special promotion this month of an hour of free consulting for each new client referred.  You are free to use that hour for yourself or donate it as well.


20 Tips this week

Coming Attractions

Next week we are looking forward to hearing from John McConnell, our Psychologist and Ana Meyers, our bookkeeper!

Thought for the week

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar

Start Building Your Business Today...

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