Jan 8 2009: Meeting Recap

Yesterday’s meeting was a TERRIFIC start to the new year!

We would like to thank all our guests that visited us:

  • Sabrina (Financial Planning)
  • Ingrid (Hair Stylist)
  • Erin (Hair Stylist)
  • MaryBeth (Hair Stylist)
  • Paul & Ellen (Florist)

There were a lot of escrow tips – 7 for the hair stylist and 4 for the florist, which shows that these categories are in high demand.

Mikel (www.webflexor.com) got all our heartrates going with some quick yoga stretches (For those who don’t know, Mikel used to be a professional yoga instructor).

After the starting ceremonies, we introduced the new board of directors. Mikel will be transitioning from Secretary to Membership chair (GREAT first day!). Anne is taking over the secretary spot. Rich will be moving from the VP spot to the President. Patty will be filling in as the new Vice President. Jasmine will be stepping up as our new Program Director. Also, Ana will be helping out Sue as our Co-Treasurer.

Mikel Bruce, Website DesignNext, we had a FANTASTIC round table on goal setting. It was a perfect topic for our first meeting of 2009, to help us focus and achieve our goals for the new year. Mikel impressed upon us the importance of not only having goals, but having your top 10 goals written down, visible, and on the tip of your tounge. Writing down your goals is the first step in making it reality. He showed us techniques for prioritizing those goals and ways to make the goals more specific, more measureable, and most importantly, attainable.

Mikel also showed us a beautiful technique of achieving smaller, daily goals with his Awareness Chart. Llewellyn attests that it has already been useful to him over the one day that he’s been using it. The basic idea is by simply going thru what you want to do at the end of the day, it makes you aware of what you didn’t do. That awareness makes it easier to do the next day.

Again, we’d like to give our deep appreciation to Mikel for giving us such a motivating talk.

Being the first of the month, Visitation dance cards were distributed, which is a GREAT way to deepen your connections with other members. Please make sure you setup a time to meet with them, as we’re all looking forward to hearing about your experiences and what you learned on January 22nd.

Congratulations to Dr Bakur for winning a pound of Starbuck’s finest Sumatra blend in our raffle, and to Debbie, who won a much in-demand Mikel Bruce original mug. Thanks to all who participated!

Thank-you’s go to Patty (www.pacificcoasttrust.com) for putting together a great table, showboating the problems of probate and how she can help you avoid it. You can’t avoid death and taxes, but with Patty’s help, you can avoid probate.

Next week our program will feature Allen Stovall as our featured speaker.

And finally, the reason why we’re all here, is for the money: 22 Tips were passed!

Llewellyn & Rich

PS – For the new members who haven’t done it yet, and for the members that are interested in a refresher course, Network Training Seminars are coming up, one Jan 12 in Encinitas and another Jan 26 in El Cajon.



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