Elevator Speech 101

You strike up some small talk with another business professional as you wait for your elevator to the ground floor.  As you step into your elevator with your new friend, you discover that he is your ideal client. 

Do you know what to say to him before your hit the ground floor and go your separate ways? 

If you do, or if you don't, last Thursday was a great meeting to attend because we opened up with practicing our elevator speeches. 

Everybody partnered up and had 30 seconds to deliver their elevator speech.  It was interesting to get the feedback from our partners, seeing what point they took away and if they understood the call to action.   Hopefully everybody was able to take the input from their partners to improve their speech so when the real thing comes along, they know how to deliver.

Anne Pettay
Anne Pettay, showboating Life Insurance from the Guardian Life Insurance Company.

Your Sales Force

Just to refresh everybody's memory, as a member of our chapter, you will have an opportunity to greet, showboat and speak in front of the chapter at least twice a year.  This is your opportunity to help the chapter get to know you, and help them understand more of the value that your provide to your clients.  As a speaker, this is your time to educate us on what you do and how the other members can help build up your business.

This week, we heard from Ryan Clardy of Canopy HR Solutions and Erin Fong, now at Ritual Salon in University Heights.  As you can see on the right, Anne Pettay was our showboater.  If you haven't done so already, we really recommend checking out their Living Balance Sheet web site.  It's an online tool that helps you get a detailed picture of your financial health.

Become More Efficient

Ryan Clardy was our first speaker today, showing us how outsourcing your business's payroll functions helps you avoid getting bogged down in managing your own payroll, net breakdowns, taxes, deposits and filings so you can focus more on developing your business.

Not only are Canopy's services cost effective, but some of the things that separate Ryan's company from the pack include:

  • Personalized service from a dedicated payroll specialist
  • Real time reports
  • Go Green option, helping the environment

Looking for Longer Lasting Color?  Call Erin.

We learned how dedicated Erin Fong is to her craft as she gave us a science lesson in hair coloring.  After explaining to us how natural hair color, delayed oxydation, heat styling, and the molecular size of hair dye, we were able to understand how the products that she uses helps give her clients longer lasting color.  I'd try to explain it here, but you'd probably be better off getting it from the source, Erin.

Erin also shared with us that the past weekend, at her salon's 'Care-naval', they were able to raise around $1200 for Rady's Children Hospital.  Way to go!

Hey Big Tipper

The clock is ticking towards the close of this month's Big Tipper Contest.  Who's going to give the most tips to Karen, this month's lucky member?  Will Debbie be able to hang on to her lead?  There's still a little time left, so send those tips to Karen, our skin care & cosmetics person.  Remember, whoever gives the most tips, gets $100 and $50 to the next two runner's up.

Sue Crowder, Big WinnerIt pays to buy Raffle Tickets

Just ask Sue Crowder.  She bought 7 tickets in our raffle this past Thursday and got the first trifecta, getting 3 of the raffle prizes!  Hope her mojo lasted long enough for her to get some lotto tickets.  Thanks to everybody else that participated and also donated.

Don't forget:  No meeting this Thursday, September 3!

In observation of Labor Day, we're not going to be having a meeting this Thursday, September 3.  We hope everybody enjoys the long Labor Day weekend and look forward to reconnecting with everybody at our next meeting, on September 10.

Something to think about

"Stand often in the company of dreamers: they tickle your common sense and believe you can achieve things which are impossible."

Mary Anne Radmacher

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