Nov 13 2008: Meeting Summary

Thanks to all who attended our meeting this morning! It was a really energetic meeting, let’s keep it up!

After Dr Bakur (remember, he’s our chiropractor, not our musician) kicked off the meeting with his acoustic rendition of the Beach Boy’s Surfing Safari, we welcomed our guests:
Shane, a SEO specialist (Search Engine Optimization)
Brendan, Auto glass repair
Tammy, a CPA (woo whoo!)
and Chris, a graphic artist, who started the meeting as a guest, and ended it as our newest member

Chris Wilson, our newest member and graphic artist, was unanimously voted in today. Please keep him in mind when talking with your clients. Also, don’t forget to welcome him to our group - here’s his contact information:

Chris Wilson

Mikel led our roundtable today with an excellent presentation focusing on the importance of not just having one magic bullet marketing strategy, but a plethora of marketing techniques to grow your business. He then went one step further, outlining many different techniques we might find effective. He also was willing to share that he himself had fallen into the trap of only using one technique, but due to the downturn in the economy, was forced to branch out into other techniques to grow Webflexor, and has actually experienced growth during this downturn. As always, Mikel delivered a great presentation! (although he was wearing a bit more than his usual presentation attire) This group has always helped to grow our businesses and it’s times like this that we realize that this group delivers much more value that just leads alone.

Mikel also helped our raffle with some of his original pottery, driving up raffle ticket sales to over double the normal levels. Rich also donated a USB memory key. Our lucky winners today were Barbara (as always), Debbie, and our guest, Shane Haithcock who took home an original Mikel Bruce vase.

We’re very excited about the levels of enthusiasm reinvigorating our group after the summer doldrums. We want to thank everyone that has been helping out above and beyond the normal Thursday meetings, and give special recognition to those who have not only been inviting more guests, but working to find a higher quality of guest: Mikel, Barbara, Debbie, and Carol. Thanks for your extra time & support!

Please remember to schedule your visitations this week if you haven’t already.

As always, don’t forget Llewellyn’s LeTip LeMeeting Monday morning @9:00 at 1121 Chalcedony Street in Pacific Beach, where we devote an hour to making our LeTip chapter the best it can be.

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