Dec 4 2008: Meeting Recap

Welcome back from the long Thanksgiving Holiday! We hope everybody had their fill of turkey. Dr. Bakur started us off with another acoustic rendition. After he started us off, we introduced our plethora of guests:

· Ana Meyers (Bookkeeping + a new member!!!)
· Dave Haugh (Dry Cleaning)
· Jose Castaneda (Auto Detailing)
· Michael Conoly (Payroll)
· Michael Hormozi (Dry Cleaning)
· Nafisa Braimah (Catering)
· Sabrina Nichols (Financial Planning)

We want to offer a warm thanks to the guests and our members that invited them.

Sue Crowder from Union Bank of California was our speaker for today and asked us to talk to other companies about the benefits of doing direct deposits with UBOC. She also told us about safety deposit boxes, which we encourage people to use, considering the fires that plagued us from past years.

Afterwards, we had the raffle in which Ana Meyers won the roller-tote from Sue. Dr. Bakur won the rest of the raffle tickets, contained within a much-coveted, original Mikel Bruce bowl. Congratulations!

It was very encouraging the number of tips that Karen (our Aesthetician) received for her Peel Day Extravaganza. We would like to remind everybody that the reason why Karen did so well was that she actively asked the group to help her in this endeavor. If you have something specific that you would like support for, remember to ask, just as Jasmine did with her request for help distributing her gift certificates. Ask and ye shall receive.

We voted in two new members today, Tammy Reynolds, a CPA with Bruno Skorheim LLP, and Ana Meyers, a bookkeeper.

We want to talk about next week’s Winter Social. First, we want to remind everybody that this is in addition to next week’s regular Thursday meeting. Second, if you have some time, please get in touch with Sue to find out how you can lend a hand setting up. Third, please be sure to bring AT LEAST 40 BUSINESS CARDS. The way the business cards will work is when a guest talks to you you will give them a business card. Before the raffle, guests can show their business cards in exchange for a raffle ticket. As you all know, our FABULOUS PRIZE will be a week’s stay at a timeshare in HAWAII (Thanks Barbara!!!). Also, please remember to sign up for food at: (click on the edit this page button)

Next week we will have a round-table, where Llewellyn will give us tips and tricks on how to remember the most important word for every person: their name.

16 Tips were passed today, plus seven escrow tips: 2 for auto detailer, 2 for a dry cleaner, 1 for a book keeper, and 1 for a financial advisor. Remember, escrow tips are never given to a guest before they join, but escrow tips are business waiting for you should you decide to join.

Llewellyn & Rich

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