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Grow Your Business in 30 Seconds

The 30 second commercial (aka elevator pitch) is a key tool in any business professional's toolbox.  The term was coined from the idea that if you stepped in to an elevator with a potential customer, what do you say to explain what you do and to win their business before the elevator ride was over? Crafting your 30 second commercial is an excellent exercise for any business professional.  The 30 second time limit helps you focus and distill your message to the essence of your business, and the value that you give your customers.  Further, a short speech will give you more time to listen, which will give you a better opportunity to figure out how you and your business can serve this particular person.  The goal of your 30 second commercial should be to start a conversation, and permission to continue it.

How to Sell Your Services without Selling

Most small business owners are leery about selling their services to prospective clients for fear of appearing too aggressive or too pushy. Unfortunately, this creates a dilemma since selling is an integral part of building development. Many small business owners have a misperception about selling and associate a sales process with what they might experience if they were to visit a used car lot. Sales techniques are ultimately a process of educating your prospective clients in the benefits of your services, based upon their needs.

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