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Marketing Tips for the Small Business in Four Easy Steps (1 of 4)

Many small businesses want to grow, after all, the bigger you are the bigger your profits, you decrease the cost of production, and you thrive!  You can increase growth in five different ways for your business. They include:

  • Acquiring more customers
  • Keeping your current customers
  • Persuading each customer to buy more products
  • Persuading each customer to buy more expensive products
  • Persuading each customer to buy more profitable products

All five of these increase your revenue and profit. Let me encourage you to focus on the first, which is to acquire more customers. Why? Because by acquiring more customers you increase your customer base and your revenues naturally increase.  And, without more customers, you can’t do the next four bullets.

How can you use the “new” marketing or social marketing to acquire more customers? The new marketer always has social marketing options in their mind including: Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and News articles. Let’s first discuss Websites.

Once you have your products and services ready for market, and are ready to show them to the world, a website is essential. If you don’t have a website you are invisible to everyone except those who know of you by experience or word of mouth (if you are a home business) or those who walk by your store (if you have a brick and mortar location). 

Most people use the web to search for things they want. And, when they use the web, they want your information in front of them and they want it now.  To add to the mix, they choose from the first page that comes up in their search and don’t go much further.

Further, most people want a clear and concise message without flashing lights or dancing smiley faces. You should present a professional, well-written image because after about 2 seconds, if you don’t make a good impression, your potential customer is gone to the next website.

Your website is the prime way to acquire more customers. Using enticements such as great information, opt in newsletter, clubs, special offers, and constantly updated information you create a place where your customer can go anytime they want. 

Specifically, using an “opt in” newsletter where they give you their email is an excellent way to increase contact with your customers. Remember the “old” marketing rule of thumb, “you need to make at least 7 impressions on your customer before anything sticks”.  Instead of buying 7 Super Bowl commercials at multi-million dollar price range, you could instead send informative newsletters and special offers to keep your products and services “top of mind” by using your email list. 

Your website will be your prime marketing tool and if you treat it right it will serve you well and bring you lots of customers.  (Coming Soon! Step 2 – Blogging)

Carol Lord-Heuschele
C3 Consulting

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