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Marketing Tips for Small Business: Facebook, Twitter, and News Articles (3 of 4)


This is a great way to have a public face that is more informal than a website and much more changeable. You can post photos, news and information about you and your products or services. This is also another great way to collect emails through your friends list and to send out information via the site. Facebook is also very interactive so you can see what your friends and their friends are saying and what are their issues. It is an easy way to respond and communicate to the market in a manner that doesn’t scream “marketing”.


The latest sensation in social networking is Twitter. This is a method for sending out short messages about you and what you are doing (less than 140 characters) to your followers. This communication is instant and constant. Twitter is purely an outgoing message, but important if you want to connect with people instantly. No marketese here, just your pure voice in 140 characters or less.

Another benefit of Twitter is that you can follow anyone you like, from celebrities to your Aunt who works on Wall Street. With Twitter it is like having your finger on the pulse of the market without really having to send marketing messages out. You can just follow other people and catch the next greatest trend or buzz. Its almost like standing on the street corner the first second someone discusses the hot new thing (ex: ipods) and you are right next to them and getting the information too and are able to respond accordingly. (ex: product cute ipod cases to personalize them)

News Article Submission

News articles about topics that you are knowledgeable about, or that fit in with your product or service, are excellent ways to get your potential customer to know you better. Start out with writing about a topic associated with your product, but not an outright commercial, and your knowledge and experience will shine through.

Submit these articles to the various online content sites as well as post it on your site and if you have access, submit to local newspapers. People are hungry for information, especially new information, so if your topic is interesting to others and timely it will be picked up. Have links in the article back to your website and soon you will be picking up more traffic on your site and more customers. (Coming Soon! Step 4 – Don’t Forget the Basics)

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