How to Sell Your Services without Selling

Most small business owners are leery about selling their services to prospective clients for fear of appearing too aggressive or too pushy. Unfortunately, this creates a dilemma since selling is an integral part of building development. Many small business owners have a misperception about selling and associate a sales process with what they might experience if they were to visit a used car lot. Sales techniques are ultimately a process of educating your prospective clients in the benefits of your services, based upon their needs. There is a saying that most people are telling when they should be selling. A successful salesperson spends more time focusing on listening vs. talking.

Questions are a critical part of every sales process and if you can re-program yourself to ask questions to prospective clients about their needs, not only will you show them that you are concerned and interested but this is the best way to gather the information that you need to sell your services. For example, if you were to life coach and you discovered in a conversation with a prospective client that they have relationship issues, you can talk about how coaching can offer the tools and resources to deal with such issues and you can go into detail pertaining to the benefits and the results they can create. This will be much more interesting to them than your spewing random information about the services that you offer.

Here are some steps to take to improve your sales process:

  • Come up with 3-10 basic questions to determine a clients needs. If possible, create a needs analysis form and write down their answers.
  • Give them as much time to speak about themselves as possible; this will provide you with more information about their needs when you present your services as a solution to their needs.
  • Make an effort to follow up with a prospective client at least three times. Very few prospective clients are converted initially. If you do follow up, your conversion rate should increase significantly. If you are speaking to many prospective clients you may want to create some type of prospect follow up system. You could invest in a CRM (client retention management) programs such as or to help with the process. You can also follow up with your prospective clients via email in an email newsletter. It is recommended to add an email opt-in form to your website to capture email addresses for potential clients so that you can educate them about you and your business as a subscriber to your e-newsletter.
  • Get in the practice of closing your prospective clients with a simple question at the end of the needs analysis such as, “Can we set up a meeting for some time next week? I have openings on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.”

Remember; don’t be afraid to promote your services proactively. Most small business owners know that most people need their services, so take it on as a conscious mission to learn more about the sales process and to implement as many techniques as possible into how you present and promote your services so that you can help more people to fill their business needs. Now is not the time to sit back and wait for business to come to you!


Mikel Bruce
WebFlexor Technologies

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