April 2010

Carol Lord and C3 Marketing

Greetings WIN LeTippers!

We started out this meeting with a great yoga warm up by Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies. In case you didn’t know it Mikel is our star yoga guy and is very good at it.  Thanks Mikel for getting our blood flowing with the Warrior Pose, now if only I could get my bent leg perpendicular to the floor. Something to strive for! 

Dr. Shamim Matin of Advanced Body Therapeutics described the proper way to tip.  As a group we should be focusing on outside tips to bring in new business. That means that you are targeting people in your personal and business network to provide tips and potential work for the WIN LeTippers.  Inside tips between each other are nice but we cannot sustain our businesses just by tipping each other. Using Assumptive tipping is a great way to keep working your networks for the good of the group and to sustain your 4 tip minimum per month.  WIN LeTip is your sales force, use it well. 

Next we had Good News!  This segment gets longer and longer each week.

Barbara Lukehart received her 10 year anniversary pin with Youngivity

Steve Clark of Steve Clark Home Improvements announced his participation in the Del Mar Fair Home show for the first time and invites everyone to attend, dates are April 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Debbie Bonham announced that Sew What Tailoring will be participating in the Business Connection May 6th event at The Boathouse

Jasmine Guerrero of Farmer’s Insurance has hired her first employee

Wayne Fletcher of Mr. Michael’s Auto Salon announced that his good friend came home safely from Afghanistan after  quite a scare and injuries

Our guest this week is Amanda Vincent of Strive Personal Training where they Strive to Be Fit!  Amanda told us about her personal philosophy, “caring about your long term results”.  We are so honored to have great professionals visit us and urge them to join us soon, we would love to build our group with their expertise and business sense. See our list of current openings on our website www.wealthinnetworking.org and come to the next meeting.

Great News, Steve Clark received his LeTip Business Card holder and Elyse Wilhm of Prudential received her nametag. 

We then moved on to the Speaker Presentation, How to Make a Great Impression (on your website) from Carol Lord-Heuschele of C3 Consulting.  The goal of your website should be to make a great first impression, collect potential customer’s information, provide useful information, and sell your product or service.  Websites fail in this mission by providing too much information, being too difficult to navigate, too hard to find information, and not well planned.  Other issues with some websites include illogical layouts, too distracting, potential customers can’t figure out what to do and what the service or the product being sold actually is.   

When a potential customer comes to the site you have a great selling opportunity, they have self-selected your product or service and they are going to be your top-level customers.  You want to capture this customer by collecting their information.  You can get something from a potential customer by providing something free and useful.  

What Does C3 Consulting  do for Customers?  My typical customer wants a website or has purchased a website and wants to “populate” it. Or, the customer has a website that is populated and wants to refresh it or improve it, or the customer needs help in anything that has to do with writing.  Here are some examples of good sites for Women’s Coaching: www.myblastoff.com - #1 on Google (sponsored links) and www.thelifecoachforwomen - #4 on Google (non-sponsored links).What makes these sites really great? Contact information is up front and center, one uses the eZine opt in email, clear and obvious what each sells, site easily navigated, lots of key words incorporated.  Here is an example of a new customer – Women’s coaching, www.possibilitycoaching.net .  This is a “before” situation and you can see the difference between this site and the previous ones.

Based on research what do I tell a customer?  In my example the first thing I would say is lose the music or create it as an option to opt into, next – there is no compelling message that this is about life coaching for women*.  The slideshow is beautiful and distracting – make it smaller. Have your opt in email “above the fold”. Have your contact info “above the fold”.  Have a key phrase or key piece of information above the slideshow.  Your colors and header are beautiful but its prime real estate that needs to work more for you. Every page has different fonts and colors and sizes. *Note: I talk to the customer to figure out the compelling message that we will emphasize and speak to and to also figure out the personality of the customer and the personality of the product. Sometimes you make exceptions to the rules based on customer desire or personality. 

Other services by C3 Consulting: Writing of newsletters, blogs, eBooks, articles, creation of marketing plans, email marketing campaigns, product development and research.

We then finished the meeting with our 30 second commercials.  

As a quote to ponder:  “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Keep up the great work tipping and see you next week. 


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting



Greg Wynn with Prime Lending

Greetings Le Tippers!

We started the meeting with another invigorating cheer of winning thoughts led by Terry Farruk of Way2Execute.

We had a lot of good news both business and personal.

  • Seth O’Byrne of O’Bryne Real Estate Consultants sold a property for a blind lady and helped her make $25,000 in a down market! He personally sat with her and went over all the documentation and requirements for both parties. Way to go Seth!
  • Llewellyn Falco of Spun Labs announced that he will be presenting the Digigirlz program to the US Congress! And will be presenting at the Agile 2010 conference. We are so proud of Llewellyn, he is off and running!
  • Terry and his business partners are opening a new coaching business called CreateACoach.
  • Dr. Shamim Matin of Advanced Body Theraputics opened his new office in Mission Valley.
  • Christiana Rodgers Crowley, one of our guests from Ing Financial partners, announced that she will be the new financial advisor on Cox Channel 5.
  • Karen Gibson of Mindful Skincare is going to visit her new grandbaby this vacation.
  • Wayne Fletcher of Mr. Michael’s Auto Detail was reveling in watching the sunset from his new home (that Seth helped him get).
  • Finally, Carol Lord Heuschele of C3 Marketing Consultants (and your humble writer of the meeting notes) is going to see the Space Shuttle launch in Florida with her family for vacation. Phew! That is a lot of good news!

Our three guests were introduced:

  • Vina Gutierrez of Silpada sterling silver jewelry
  • Vanessa Swafford of VanMarie Interior Designs
  • Christiana Rodgers Crowley of ING Financial Partners

Two of the guests were visiting for the second time and we will be voting on their membership at the end of the meeting. Our chapter is growing by leaps and bounds and we welcome anyone that wants to get in on this exciting business growth opportunity.

Donations for the raffle today came from Wayne Fletcher, Karen Gibson, and Greg Wynn from Prime Lending.

This week our speaker was Greg Wynn of Prime Lending. Greg is a Mortgage Banker with Prime Lending and can offer wholesale rates because his company is one of the 15th largest banks in the US. Greg showed us the difference between a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker and basically, a mortgage banker has a lot more options and power over getting you the right appraisal and the right loan for your needs.

Greg is very experienced in getting difficult condominium loans through and also loans for flips. He knows many methods for getting around the overlays if the loan is going to be backed by Fannie Mae. Right now is good time to refinance or buy something because the loan rates are no longer going to be artificially held lower by the Federal Government and once again allowed to rise in a free market.

Greg’s company has full commitment which means that they can also give a better rate. Everything in the office is paperless and online and because of the paperless method, you can go online and track every phase of your loan. As Greg spoke we could tell he had a vast knowledge of loans and how to get anything you need for your home and investment property needs. He also has some very special programs where you can get into investment properties for very little down called the HomePath Mortgage Financing by Fannie Mae. You simply pick your home out from www.homepath.com and he can get you the loan. Warning these are foreclosures taken back over by Fannie Mae so some are in bad condition and need fixing up.

So, for all your home and investment property mortgage needs see Greg Wynn at Prime Lending.

We then excused the members we were voting on this morning and had the members vote for possibly adding Vanessa Swafford of VanMarie Interior Designs and Vina Gutierrez of Silpada silver jewelry. We are proud to announce that everyone voted YES to both. Welcome to WIN LeTip Vanessa and Vina we are so excited to have you.

We had a few more announcements:

  • Board of Director’s Meeting will be on April 12th at Patty’s in Poway. Remember, new board members will be welcomed in and the old board members will be honored for their service.

  • We also encourage everyone to check out the other networking events around the county such as the Chamber of Commerce events and the Business Connection events. The more people we come in contact with the more business we will get.

  • New Members, you will be getting information soon on attending your Network Training Seminar.

We had a great meeting and look forward to seeing everyone and any guests that would like to try out networking with WIN LeTip. We ended the meeting with this quote to ponder by Chester l. Karras:

“In business you don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate”


Keep Networking,
Carol Lord Heuschele,
C3 Marketing Consulting



Debbie Bonham with Sew What Tailoring

Greetings Le Tippers!

We started the meeting with a Yoga exercise lead by Mikel Bruce of Tiny Frog Technologies. Once Mikel got our blood flowing, we introduced the new board. Congratulations to all new board members we thank you for your dedication and volunteerism.

One point that our new Tipmaster, Dr. Shamim Matin of Advanced Body Therapeutics wanted to get across is that we need to concentrate as a group on outside tips, not just tipping each other in the group.

We had good news all around with Debbie Bonham of Sew What Tailoring announcing she has a new car. Rich Yumul of Sagetree Solutions announced that he now has a 6-year old and Sue Crowder of Union Bank announced that she has been married for 32 years. And finally, Seth O’Byrne received recognition and an award in front of 2000 of his peers and had to give a speech! Yikes! This was at the Ronald Reagan museum.

Our three guests were introduced, Elyse Wilhm of Prudential Financial Services, Vina Gutierrez of Silpada sterling silver jewelry and John Taft a Videographer. Elyse is back for a second time and we will be voting her in later today.

Greg Wynn of My California Loan received his White LeTip badge today and we are excited that he has joined us. Seth received his Blue badge for having more new guests joining us.

Remember, the Big Tipper for the month is Anne Pettay of Guardian. Keep trying to tip Anne and you might be the winner of the biggest tipper to Anne for the month.

This week our speaker was Debbie Bonham of Sew What Tailoring. She discussed all the methods that Sew What can help you in your clothing needs. Along with Leah, her partner, Sew What Tailoring makes beautiful clothing from your personal designs. Sew What Tailoring is also known for their wedding dresses, from altering everything for the wedding party to creating original wedding dresses from your dreams and designs. Not to leave the men out, Sew What can also alter suits, either in or out and sew on military or uniform patches. If the item can fit under a sewing machine, they can sew it!

A special business area that Sew What is involved in is creating prototypes for all of your fabric creations. One of their great successes is the “shower hug” which has now expanded their line to three more items. Another prototype they are currently making for a customer involves baby stroller covers. After Sew What has created the perfect prototype for you they can also create the pattern for the patent office!

For all your sewing needs come and see Debbie and Leah at Sew What Tailoring.

We then had the vote for adding our newest member, Elyse and we are proud to announce that she everyone voted YES! Welcome to WIN LeTip Elyse!

We then had our raffle with great prizes donated by Anne, Seth, Debbie and Mikel. Thanks for the donations; our raffle supports all of our marketing efforts.

We had a great meeting and look forward to seeing everyone and any guests that would like to try out networking with WIN LeTip. And remember the quote of the day by Aristotle:

"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do."


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting




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