January 2010

Networking During the Storm

Greetings WIN LeTippers!

The meeting this week started off with Good News! Sue found a $20 bill and no, it was not Steve’s. Llewellyn is in New York on a job and very excited to have this piece of work. When he gets back I know we will hear all about it.

We had several guests this week.  Philip, an accountant, is checking us out to see if he wants to join. Steve, a contractor, was on his second visit and Seth, a real estate agent, back after an extended absence came back to check us out. And…to our delight, at having Seth back in our group, he decided to rejoin! Steve was also unanimously voted in at this meeting so we now have a new General Contractor and a new Real Estate Professional! Hopefully Philip decides to join us to and we can keep our awesome track record of growth! We love guests and would like to invite service experts and professionals to join us. See our list of current openings on our website www.wealthinnetworking.org and come to the next meeting.

The speaker this week was Anne Pettay of Guardian Life Insurance, and she educated us on the difference between term insurance and whole life insurance. Term insurance, while less costly, is like renting, you receive the benefit only while you are paying into it and once you stop paying, you receive no benefit. Your premiums can also rise year to year. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, never has rising premiums, the death benefit increases every year, the cash value accrues every year and the money is there for you to access.

Guardian guarantees you a 4% return on your investment every year and since 1868 has paid dividends to policy holders at about a 7% rate. Another great benefit of whole life insurance is that you are not taxed on the money that accrues. Using other investment vehicles, you might be taxed on any additional money.

Anne gave a great example of how your money in a whole life policy can work for you. Walt Disney took out $750 from his life insurance policy to start his first studio. What a great investment for him! Anne also mentioned that since the cash values of the whole life policy never go down, it gives you further options on how you want to pay for your retirement.

If this still sounds Greek to you, take a moment and call Anne Pettay of Guardian and talk to her about your situation. I am sure she has a policy that will fit you.

Cindy Freeland was our show boater and she gave us some valuable employment information. We look forward to hearing her speak soon on Employment Law.

See you next week and don’t forget to keep tipping to Sue Crowder of Union Bank, there could be $100 Big Tipper reward for you on the line.

Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting

Goal Setting 101 with Terry Farruk

Greetings San Diego Networkers! We had an awesome WIN LeTip meeting at the Riverwalk Golf Course clubhouse.

For warm-up we paired up and discovered things in common we had with each other. Carol, our marketing consultant discovered that Steve, the visiting general contractor also had a deficient sense of self preservation and was also a white water rafting enthusiast.

Good news for the week, Llewellyn, our Agile programmer, had completely full classes for his Programming for Kids. Way to go Llewellyn!

Steve Clark, a general contractor visited us today, he specializes in electrical, plumbing, and construction. We look forward to adding him to our chapter next week.

For out roundtable discussion we had the amazing Terry Farruk of Way2Execute.com who pumped us up on the topic of Goal Setting. Some key points that Terry made include:

  • Each year re-establish your goals and mission statement.

  • Prepare mentally to do well and figure out where you are going to make your sacrifices.

  • Re-evaluate your business plan or make a business plan. It doesn’t make sense to try to build your business if you don’t have a plan.

  • Make sure you have regular work goals and they should include problem-solving, innovation, and development goals.

    • Problem solving goals include defining current problems at your business and setting a goal to resolve or improve them.

    • Innovation Goals include ways that you can re-invent and innovate your business every day. Remember, you cannot remain stagnant in this environment or you will lose ground.

    • Create a development plan to continue and improve your growth.

  • Once you have made your plans and goals it is time to EXECUTE. Start your work and execute your plan, don’t stop the forward movement but do evaluate, review and learn from your experience.

Terry then passed out goal sheets that explained his methodology and discussed how to execute. He also made a great point. We are not at WIN LeTip for social networking and the great breakfast, we are here for business networking. So bottom line, create your business plan and then put it in place and start to break down the doors.

Terry’s talk was full of energy and good information and we really appreciated his roundtable.

The meeting wrapped up with this great quote from Zig Zigler, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become when you achieve your goals.”

Hope to see you all next week.


Carol Lord Heuschele
C3 Marketing Consulting


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