November 2009


Every Thursday morning, we do something a little different to get everybody going.  Mike Deibler, our physical trainer, kicked off the meeting with a high energy stretch and hug yourself exercise (you really need to have been there to experience it), pumping everybody up for the rest of the high-energy meeting.  

Great Guests

It was great to meet James Kinney, an IT project manager, invited by John McConnell.  We hope to see him at our next meeting after Thanksgiving!

Our next guest, Wayne Fletcher was voted in as our new Auto Detailer: Mr. Michael's Mobile Auto Detailing - West Coast Division. Wayne's brining his 15 years experience on the East Coast to San Diego!

Big Tipper

As the big tipper the lucky member also gets to showboat at each meeting.  Debbie Bonham (our tailor-seamstress), November's big tipper, has been doing a great job w/ her showboat - this week she showed the variety of different materials, patterns, and jewelry, that you can use to enhance an outfit.  Remember - the winner that sends her the most tips wins $100!

Good News

Jasmine Guerrero, our Property & Casualty Insurance expert, put together a showboat that featured some of her insurance tips, showing you the difference between having insurance and being insured.  It was also exciting to learn that her new office has opened now in Old Town San Diego.  Congrats, Jasmine!


The reviews are in and the consensus is that Terry Farruk's talk was simply "AMAZING."   Terry is our new business consultant and brings some incredible energy to the group.  Terry's company, Way2Execute, offers a 7-week boot camp where successful entrepreneurs teach entrepreneurs (small and large) the skills on how to run their business better.

"He brings the rain even on sunny day"

Want to take your business to the next level? call Terry - he can help.

Mindful Skincare

Karen Gibson, our skin care specialst, demonstrated the difference between her mineral-based makeup with her volunteer, Barbara Lukehart.   Karen's company, Mindful Skincare,  deliberately selects products that are natural, organic and holistic, which result in better skin for her clients.  If you want better results for your skin, call Karen and visit her at the the tranquil Dwell sanctuary.

Holiday Mixer

The holidays are upon us and our annual mixer will be December 12 at Patty Sterling's place in Poway.  Put it on your calendar and stay tuned for updates.


New thinking on Peels

Tradition acid peels are a great way to wipe the face clean of sun damage and break outs. I’ve done them for years, and still continue to do them on occasion. However, I’ve started doing them a lot less often, here’s why.

The buildup of Scar tissue is the down own side of peels. Up until lately this build up of scar tissue was the best alternative to aging & damaged skin. However recently new thinking and products have starting coming out that offer a better alternative to acid peels; Facial Infusions.

Facial Infusions deliver large amounts of calming antibacterial, lightening and dermal remodeling ingredients (like vitamin A ) to push new healthy skin out, rather than burn away the old damaged skin.

Also, facial infusions work with Any Skin Condition. This is great, because if a peel goes wrong it very wrong. ( ) . As such I worked very hard to always remain on the side of caution with which faces I would peel. I love that I can now safely treat a wider range of people with facial infusions.

So, burning face bad - healing face good.

Karen Gibson - Put your face in my hands

I'm thinking of a GREAT networking group...

Catch Phrase"This is a place I go on Thursday mornings, that helps my business, and puts dollars in my pocket."


Today we started off with a lightning round of "Catch Phrase" - a great way to get our minds in gear and ready for the day.

This Week's Good News!

Jasmine shared that she is finalizing her move into her own office down in Old Town San Diego.  Congratulations on taking your business to the next level! 

We're also happy to report that Rich Yumul has not 1 but 2 web sites that have won the International MarCom Award.

Allen Stovall's Showboat

Avoid the flu & cold season
with Acupuncture from Allen Stovall


And of course, we have the good news of having 3 great guests visit this morning:

  • Martha Blanco - She helps to get the right people in the right place. 
  • Matthew Buzan - He helps businesses accept credit cards and gift cards 
  • Andrea Noriega - She helps people find a new home

And, the best news of all, Andrea was voted in as our newest member, our Real Estate Expert!  

Welcome to the group, Andrea!

Ana MeyersOn Budget, On Track

How many of you have a budget?

Ana Meyers, our book keeper, started off her talk with that question to the group.  Having a budget and working within that budget is an important piece of realizing the maximum potential of your business.  In her role as our chapter's Treasurer, Ana has helped our own group by giving us the insight into our financial health.  This insight has both allowed us to do programs that we otherwise thought we could not afford as well as stop programs that were too costly.  If you don't have a budget for your business, call Ana at (619) 972-2382.


As a teacher Llewellyn, our agile programming coach, not only develops the 'pro' in software programmers but is also volunteering to develop the next generation of programmer. The Digigirlz programmer is a 3 day weekend program designed to inspire high school girl to pursue programming as a career path. Unfortunately, women are drastically underrepresented in America's software industry.  Digigirlz will be in San Diego April 2nd, 2010 and is free to high school girls.  To get involved, contact Llewellyn


Big Tipper ($10 off alterations!)

We are happy to introduce this month's Big Tipper, Debbie Bonham.  This month she is offering a $10 (good for a free hem!) coupon for any alteration to new customers.  You can visit her shop, Sew What Tailoring at 7202 El Cajon Blvd, Suite A, San Diego, CA.


Today we passed 21 tips.

Thought for the Week:

What is once well done is done forever.

Henry David Thoreau


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