July 2009

Power Partners Roundtable

Llewellyn FalcoThis meeting's focus was on cultivating your relationships with your power partners.  We often talk about the fact that networking is more like farming than hunting, but it is simply not enough to just scatter some seeds.  You need to water and fertilize and care for your 'crop' to reap a full harvest. 

To see what the potential of a well developed power partnership yields, Llewellyn led us through an exercise where we calculated that dollar amount.  For those of you that missed the workshop, do this simple calculation:

   _____ estimated # of shared clients a power partner talks to each month
x  _____ dollars per client
= $_____ potential revenue per month 

We recommend you do the entire sheet attached below (just click on the picture to download).


Empowering your Power Partner

After we figured out what the potential rewards of the partnership are, we talked about the efforts needed to realize that potential.  Jasmine shared that her company has sent her to a week-long university to train her on how to sell her products as well as hundreds of online courses and regular workshops.  It does not seem surprising at all that a company would invest those kinds of resources into having a good sales person.  Yet surprisingly, many of us have not met our own power partners in their place of business nor given them marketing material to help them sell ourselves better.

We'd like to remind you that there are one or two members in our chapter with whom spending some extra time and effort working with will yield an extraordinary return.

And remember, one of the best ways to incentivize a person to bring business your way is to give them business first.

To start the meeting off we did an exercise to help our members connect: a visitation lightning round, where we paired up with a member across the room and quickly tried to identify 3 things we had in common.  Llewellyn discovered that he and Michael Calabrese are both avid scuba divers in San Diego. 

What did you discover? 

Christina WainrightChristina Wainwright, the manager from the Pacific Beach Library and Llewellyn's girlfriend, visited to learn some networking techniques that she could bring back to her library and to finally see what Llewellyn's been up to Thursday mornings for the last 3 years.

Matin AtrushiMatin Atrushi, our financial planner was our show boater for the meeting.  His show boat highlighted the different financial options that he provides outside of the stock market to help keep his clients' portfolios growing despite the state of the economy.


We passed 9 tips today. 

Tipping was pretty low this week, in large part because half of the group is on vacation.  There's a natural ebb in the attendance every summer as people go on vacation.  We look forward to seeing everybody's return along with the tip numbers.

At the beginning of the month, we started our Hey Big Tipper program to help boost our tipping.  Each month, one lucky member (this month, it's Jasmine Guerrero) is selected as the target, and whomever gives that person the most tips over the month gets $100.  2nd and 3rd place finishers get $50.  The end of the month is almost here, so there still is a chance to jump up the leader board and take the prize.  Here's the current stats:

Rich Yumul 5
Mikel Bruce 5
Llewellyn Falco 5
Rob Colosia 2
Debbie Bonham 2
Seth O'Byrne 2
Matin Atrushi 1
Barbara Lukehart 1
Karen Gibson 1
Cindy Freeland 1

Instead of our normal 30 second commercials this week, we heard from our members about their visitations.  Our visitation program is one of main ways we build the relationships between members, and it's always interesting hearing about each other from a different member's perspective.


Have a great week!

- Rich & Llewellyn

Thought for the Week:

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.

- Wayne Dyer

Tune In to Your Local Networking

To get our morning going, we played a couple rounds of 'Name That Tune', with Mike Deibler and Rob Colosia showing their musical prowess, collecting a healthy (?) share of the candy prizes. 

Joe DowlingJoe Dowling, from Clean Power Solar Systems, joined us today and let us know what if you know somebody that is spending more than $200 per month on electricity, he can save them money immediately, and help them go green.

Mike Calabrese (Painter) and Ryan Clardy (Payroll Specialist) received their blue velvet LeTip business card holder.  We know that the business card holders will serve you well. ;)



Take Charge of Your Website

Mikel Bruce, Web Flexor

We've all heard how easy it is to make changes and update a website if you are using Mikel's Web Flexor system.  Many of us have personal experience with this as our own web sites are hosted by Mikel. Today, we all got to see first hand exactly how easy it can be to keep your website current and fresh. A lot of people have the misconception that the bulk of the cost in having a web site is the initial development.  Actually, it is the maintenance.  Mikel's system empowers business owners to be able to manage the content on their web site, saving them the cost of paying a web designer to maintain their site.

Impressive Portfolio

Chris Wilson, of Endoxi Art took us thru a visual journey through part of his portfolio today.  It was quite impressive.  Not only was it illuminating to see the quality of Chris' work, but also the breadth and experience in some one as young as Mr. Wilson.  Check out his portfolio to the right.


Our appreciation goes out to Cindy Freeland, Sue Crowder, and Jamelin Johnson for donating the raffle prizes this week.  Also, thanks to everybody that participated and congratulations to the winners, especially Mikel Bruce, who won the top two prizes.


Today we passed 16 tips.


Summer is a great time to take a vacation as evident as 1/3 of our group was away. We look forward to your stories when you return and hope you're having fun.


The Tao of Tipping

We always say to put the 'What' and the 'Why' for every tip. Today we had a great example:

'Why': 'Starting a business',

What: 'Needs business insurance'

Because of the great details, this single tip gained the potential to grow to 4 other LeTip members.

Imagine this: if each of us had only 1 customer each week, and we shared them with the rest of the group, all of us would have 30 customers each week.


Rich & Llewellyn

 Thought for the week

Don't find fault, find remedy

Henry Ford

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet new San Diego business owners each week.

Chris Wilson, our local rock star and chapter's graphic artist, started this meeting by having us all express which personality trait we have that we are grateful for.  The act of affirming our personal strengths was a great way to start off the morning.

Meeting New People is one of the best parts of our weekly meeting.  Today our guests included:

  • The father & son team of Maurice & Maurice Jr, the electricians at Montiel Electric
  • Nesli Ayakta, a commercial photographer
  • Returning for the 2nd time, Damion Jackson
  • and our newest member, Ryan Clardy from Canopy HR

Our newest member, Ryan was unanimously voted in as our new payroll services specialist.  If you know a company that is handling payroll themselves, we suggest contacting Ryan to see if Canopy HR can relieve their payroll stress, save them some money, and keep their employees happy with timely and accurate pay checks.

July 9 Meeting, Wealth In Networking LeTip

Cindy FreelandWho knew that there were so many interview mistakes that can get you sued? One of our newer members, Cindy Freeland (Schor and Freeland LLP), showed us that what you ask in your interview can really come back to haunt you.  Simple, seemingly innocent questions about personal background such as 'Where are you from?' can open the door to a discrimanatory hiring practice law suit.  If you know a company is interviewing, we highly recommend talking with Cindy first to make sure they are protected.

Sue CrowderDollars in your bank account. Our banker, Sue Crowder, talked today about the direct deposit program offered by Union Bank.  It's a easy way for businesses to give a $50 benefit to your employees just for opening up a checking account.  It's free to the employers and for the employees - it's not even necessary for the employers to bank with Union Bank.  All that's needed is a $100 initial deposit and direct depost.

Building Relationships - Today we also distributed the dance tickets for our visitation program.  If you haven't already scheduled your meeting, call your partner today.  Here's this month's pairings:

Allen Stovall will meet Seth Obyrne
Seth Obyrne will meet Mike Deibler
Mike Deibler will meet Anne Pettay
Anne Pettay will meet Matin Atrushi
Matin Atrushi will meet Michael Calabrese
Michael Calabrese will meet Lawrence Bakur
Lawrence Bakur will meet Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson will meet Robert Colosia
Robert Colosia will meet Pattty Sterling
Pattty Sterling will meet John McConnell
John McConnell will meet Cindy Freeland
Cindy Freeland will meet Florence Casiez
Florence Casiez will meet Rich Yumul
Rich Yumul will meet Erin Fong
Erin Fong will meet Llewellyn Falco
Llewellyn Falco will meet Carol Lord
Carol Lord will meet Derek Wattenbarger
Derek Wattenbarger will meet Shane Haithcock
Shane Haithcock will meet Ana Meyers
Ana Meyers will meet Debbie Bonham
Debbie Bonham will meet Jamelin Johnson
Jamelin Johnson will meet Susan Crowder
Susan Crowder will meet Barbara Lukehart
Barbara Lukehart will meet Brian Geffen
Brian Geffen will meet Mikel Bruce
Mikel Bruce will meet Jasmine Guerrero
Jasmine Guerrero will meet Karen Gibson
Karen Gibson will meet Allen Stovall 

For those of you that don't know what the visitation program is, it is one of the things that we do outside of our weekly meetings to help build the relationships between our members.

Jasmine GuerreroThis month we started our Hey Big Tipper Contest, with some really fantastic results.  Jasmine is this months 'chosen one', and already she has recieved 21 tips!

Contest rules : Each month one member will be selected to be the 'chosen one'.  Prizes will be given to whoever gives the 'chosen' one the most qualified tips over the month.
1st place - $100!
2nd & 3rd place - $50!


Rich & Llewellyn

ps -

Today we passed 36 tips with 2 escrow tips.


Marketing Tips for Small Business: Facebook, Twitter, and News Articles (3 of 4)


This is a great way to have a public face that is more informal than a website and much more changeable. You can post photos, news and information about you and your products or services. This is also another great way to collect emails through your friends list and to send out information via the site. Facebook is also very interactive so you can see what your friends and their friends are saying and what are their issues. It is an easy way to respond and communicate to the market in a manner that doesn’t scream “marketing”.


The latest sensation in social networking is Twitter. This is a method for sending out short messages about you and what you are doing (less than 140 characters) to your followers. This communication is instant and constant. Twitter is purely an outgoing message, but important if you want to connect with people instantly. No marketese here, just your pure voice in 140 characters or less.

Another benefit of Twitter is that you can follow anyone you like, from celebrities to your Aunt who works on Wall Street. With Twitter it is like having your finger on the pulse of the market without really having to send marketing messages out. You can just follow other people and catch the next greatest trend or buzz. Its almost like standing on the street corner the first second someone discusses the hot new thing (ex: ipods) and you are right next to them and getting the information too and are able to respond accordingly. (ex: product cute ipod cases to personalize them)

News Article Submission

News articles about topics that you are knowledgeable about, or that fit in with your product or service, are excellent ways to get your potential customer to know you better. Start out with writing about a topic associated with your product, but not an outright commercial, and your knowledge and experience will shine through.

Submit these articles to the various online content sites as well as post it on your site and if you have access, submit to local newspapers. People are hungry for information, especially new information, so if your topic is interesting to others and timely it will be picked up. Have links in the article back to your website and soon you will be picking up more traffic on your site and more customers. (Coming Soon! Step 4 – Don’t Forget the Basics)

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