June 2009

Cover Your Butt!

Everybody welcome Mike! Mike Calabrese is a painter and our newest member.  It's great to see our group vigorously growing and we look forward to surpassing that all important 30 member milestone (we're currently @ 28).  

Allen StovallNeedles and Points. Allen Stovall's (5Element.org) show boat featured a teaching tool he uses when teaching new acupuncture students.  It was a  model of a human with all of the meridians and pressure points drawn on it.  It makes me and Llewellyn wonder if he sees everybody with these points and lines drawn over them.  We're glad that he uses his powers for good.

Loosen Up.  Mike Deibler helped work out the morning stiffness and get our meeting going with some neck, hip, and knee rolls.  I know it seems almost too easy coming from our personal trainer.  Go to his Tuesday Bootcamp's @ Balboa Park for the industrial strength workout.

Warming up             warming up

We would also like to thank our guest, Ryan Clardy from Canopy HR, a payroll company, for making it out to his second meeting.  Ryan mentioned that he had been to many different networking groups, and is excited about the energy at our chapter.  We'd like thank Ryan for his kind words and all of you for making our group great!  

Karen GibsonButt what about sunblock? Karen Gibson (Mindful Skincare) prepared us all for summer by scaring us with pictures of what happens when you don't protect yourself from the sun.  She reminded us that the skin on your faces could be as smooth and soft as the skin on your butt, if, like your butt, it hadn't been ravished by the sun all of your life.  Butt, if you ignore Karen and get sunburned anyways, Karen can also help you in October with a peel to help repair the damage done over the summer.  

Karen Gibson, Mindful Skincare    Karen Gibson, Mindful Skincare

Agile Techniques @ Home. Llewellyn Falco our Agile Programming Coach, gave a stirring trimmed down version of his presentation on cleaning up messy situations. It was interesting to see how the same techniques that he teaches to his clients can apply to our everyday lives. The path Llewellyn suggest you follow is :

  • Take many small steps
  • With each step, leave things better than you found them
  • Maintain constant Vigilance

To find out more, come to one of his 3 Talks this weekend at Code Camp.

Llewellyn Falco, Agile Programming CoachLlewellyn Falco, Agile Programming CoachLlewellyn Falco, Agile Programming Coach

Rich & Debbie were the big winners of todays Raffle. Many thanks to Karen Gibson & Sue Crowder for donating the wonderful prizes!

Next Week's Calendar

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Board of Directors
9:00 am
1121 Chalcedony St, 92109
Mike's Bootcamp
 Balboa Park
8:15 am
  NO MEETING   Seth's 4th of July Party

 Have a great 4th of July! See you in 2 weeks.

Rich & Llewellyn


ps - Jasmine Guerrero  - One of the great things of having a group like LeTip is the way it can support you in times of need.  To those ends, Jasmine shared with us today that she needs 21 clients before her 2 year anniversary on July 19 or she will lose her job.  For Jasmine to continue her role as our Insurance agent, each member only needs to find 1 person who would be willing to allow Jasmine to give them a comparative quote.  We ask you to find that one person this week.  Her phone number is (619) 296-3276 x111.

This is a good reminder to build your network before you need it.  The reason we're rallying for Jasmine is because of the accumulation of the last 2 years that we have known and built up our businesses with her.  This would be a far different story if we had met her last week.

Marketing Tips for the Small Business: Step 2 - Blogging

Create an interest in you and your products and services by using a blog that can be attached to your website. A blog is a very inexpensive method for you to communicate to your client base and anyone else that might be interested in your area of expertise.

There are key ways to make blogs work for you:

  1. Create a blog personality - be sincere, don’t try to be someone you are not
  2. Be consistent with your posts - 3x a week
  3. Keep it simple - short informative blogs are fine
  4. Allow comments – and you want to research and comment on other blogs
  5. Focus on your title – draw traffic, capture attention, search engines love blog titles

Why do you want to do it?

  1. Capture more search engine traffic
  2. Find your “lucrative key word” – this may not be the high traffic key words but you want quality, focused traffic, not quantity
  3. Find your key 2 to 4 word phrase

Additional tips:

  1. Timely posting – early in the morning (at least before noon)
  2. Frequent Updates – make sure your last entry was not several months ago 
  3. SEO – use a search engine optimization company to make sure your website, your blog and anything else you create on the web is out there and linked and moving on up the search engine ladder.

How do you start blogging? First you need to check out other people’s blogs and see what they are doing and what attracts you to their messages. Then you need to start commenting on blogs with insightful answers or questions to things that other people are blogging about. Finally, when you start your blog you will have the experience writing and answering questions to and from other people. You will have a presence and people will know of you from your previous forays into the blog world.

Always cite other blogs and try to connect with bloggers. Bloggers love to have additional links and connections and almost always welcome your links and connections to them and will reciprocate with links to you from their blogs. Try it out and see what a Blog can do for you.

Coming Soon! Step 3 – Facebook, Twitter, and News Articles

Networking in San Diego, WIN LeTip Style

Weekly Recap - June 18, 2009

Can you outlast your competition?

Mikel started off our meeting a yoga-themed version of 'last man standing,' starting off with an easy tree pose and getting progressively harder till there was only one man left standing (and hopping).  Our winners, two of our guests, Derek and Bryan, went home with a set of Mikel's hand made pottery.

Patty with our guests

Our guests brought more than just yoga mojo to the meeting - we'd like to thank them for coming out at such an early hour to visit us and help all of us grow our business:

  • Palmer McCain - Protection One (Residential & Commercial Security)
  • Cindy Freeland  - Employment Lawyer
  • Mike Calabrese - Painting
  • Scott Heberle - Carpet Cleaning
  • Phillip Solomon - Electrician
  • Damion Jackson - Videographer
  • Derek Patterson - Business Consultant
  • Bryan Buljat Business Coach / Tax Consultant

More guests!Guests

Karen Gibson, our showboater with Florence & ErinDid you know your skin is the largest organ in your body?

That's why you should be 'Mindful' with your 'Skin Care'.  Karen (of Mindful Skin Care) did a fabulous job with her showboat table, showing some of the products she uses to help people improve their skin.

Cindy Freeland, our new HR Attorney!WIN LeTip: Now With More Human Resources!

We are excited to announce that Cindy Freeland is our newest member as our Human Resources Attorney!  She was unanimously voted in and we look forward to getting to know how her firm, Schor & Freeland, LLP helps their clients create great places to work.

Going Green

Congrats to Erin Fong, who just upgraded her badge by introducing Florence to us and growing our chapter!  Great job, Erin!

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

Jasmine started her talk with an inspiring video showing just what kind of potential lies in all of us.  She then went on to tell us about her involvement in various community projects.  Jasmine believes not just in protecting people thru insurance, but our families and community thru programs like child fire safety programs.  She also distributed a free home inventory kit, to make sure that if your home is ever caught in a fire, you are able to restore what was lost. 

Preventative Medicine

Allen Stovall (5 Element Institute of San Diego) is not only an accomplished acupuncturist, but he is also a teacher and a writer of acupuncture text books with followers worldwide.  He contrasted the strengths of western medicine and its focus on treating trauma with eastern medicine's focus on preventing illness.  As a partner in your health, Allen makes a point to spend the entire hour with his patient during a session, something you don't commonly encounter with other acupuncturists.  By spending time with his patients, he is able to beter understand not only the trauma their body is experiencing, but the underlying causes to prevent it in the future.


With so many people, it can be hard to remember that we had eight people out on summer vacation, but we have not forgotten you and look forward to seeing you next week.

On the Calendar:

LeTip LeMonday @ Llewellyn's starts at 9:00 at 1121 Chalcedony St. in Pacific Beach.  This is a great place to work on your commercial, brainstorm on how to get more tips, and other ways to make your business thrive.

Bootcamp @ Balboa w/ Mike is a regular part of our calendar now - Get Fit with Mike!  His bootcamp starts @ 8:15 Tuesday mornings in the lawn area of Balboa & Prado.

For those who missed it, Mikel Bruce had a wonderful yoga by the beach session Thursday night.  Most people know Mikel as a kind and gentle person that they see each Thursday Morning at LeTip.  Actually, he is a fierce yoga instructor.  Yoga with Mikel helps you get more limber and build strength, and he makes sure you get an excellent night of sleep.  Hope to see you there next month! 


     Rich & Llewellyn

Quote for the week:

Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles.

Og Mandino

Summer is in Full Force

We had a great Summer Mixer last Saturday and returned to our regularly scheduled meetings in full force this week with a lot of great guests and great number of tips - a great start to ourIt was great to see everybody again bright and early after our Summer Mixer.

Rob & Llewellyn

Rob Colosia, personal injury attorney & our show boater

Mike kicked off the meeting with a little med ball exercise that not only got our bodies moving, but also helped get everybody's brains primed for the meeting ahead.

We'd like to thank our guests for visiting our chapter.  One of the great parts of the meeting is to be able to meet and greet a variety of other local San Diego business professionals and owners.

  • Phillip Solomon - Electrical Contractor (Solomon Electrical Services)
  • Jill Addison - Video Producer 
  • Anthony Clark - Travel Consultant (Worldventures)
  • Cindy Freeland - HR Attorney (Schor Freeland, LLP)
  • Ryan Clardy - Payroll solutions (Canopy HR Solutions)
  • Jeff Greco - Online Data Backup (BackupRight)

Florence Casiez, Massage TherapistOur newest member, and massage therapist, Florence Casiez, is 100% official now, receiving her official LeTip name badge. If your tense, call Florence! 

Duds by Dudes

Duds by Dudes owner, Brian Geffen

It's pretty amazing learning how Brian's idea to make beer money back in college turned into San Diego's fastest growing print shop. Not only does Duds by Dudes do screen printing, they have expanded their service offerings to include any kind of promotional items - they can put your logo on pens, usb drives, bags, shot glasses, you name it.  These are the breadcrumbs that help your customers come back and find you.

Duds by Dudes Shot glass

Helping People Heal

John McConnell, PhD

Our second speaker, John McConnell PhD, discussed how to listen and provide help when you encounter somebody in emotional pain.  

One of the things that I love about our group is the over all excellence and dedication of the members, and John is a great example of that.  Not only does he have extensive experience and affordable rates, he also offers the first session risk-free and if he can't help the client, he will find a different therapist for them.  He works with couples to discover new ways to respond to old troubles.


an original mikel bruceMikel, Rich and Brian donated the raffle prizes this week.  Thanks to everybody that participated and congratulations to the winners.  I know I'm enjoying my original Mikel Bruce mug and I'm glad Phillip won the ratcheting allen wrench - being and electrician I think he has a pretty good chance of finding it useful.

Les Tips (that's French)

We had 35 tips this week with  escrow tips, showing that there is business waiting for the guests should they decide to join.  Sue set a new personal (and chapter) record with 11 tips this week alone! Go Sue!

Did you do your visitation?

Remember, visitation is coming up - don't forget to visit your partner!

Something to chew on:

A reputation is not made on what you are going to do.

- Henry Ford



Have a great week!

-Rich & Llewellyn
ps - we had 8 members on Summer Vacation this week - we look forward to seeing you again next week!


Fun Under the San Diego Sun

What a STUPENDOUS day it was this past Saturday!

The weatherman was predicting gloom and rain for the date of our event, but it turned out to be a perfect day for our summer mixer - not too hot, not too cold, and exactly the right amount of San Diego sun.  It was a lot of fun getting to know each other and our friends and family outside of our regular Thursday networking meetings.

Exceptional Eating

Rib MeisterThank you to everybody that brought a dish for the picnic - the pasta, coleslaw, chili, salad, and everything else was delicious.  Our menu's 'taste sensation' was Shane's TREMENDOUS ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.   Thanks for filling our bellies, Shane!  My son, Ryan, really enjoyed those toffee/caramel cookies too.

Are you game?

Ana Meyers (and her husband, Ben) put aside her 'bookkeeper' role for a couple of hours and was our 'Game Master'.   The kids had a bunch of fun (with a bunch of great prizes) with the plethora of games she had lined up for them: Relay Races, Lawn Darts, and the always exciting water balloon toss.  Sue contributed the perfect game to follow the water balloon toss - the popped-water-balloon-scrap-pickup contest.

We also had an adult water balloon contest too.  Is there any correlation in water-balloon tossing skill and youth?  Erin Fong and Chris Wilson were the dynamic duo that stayed dry the longest.  Congrats! 

Fierce Competition

Between Rock-Paper-Scissors, Coin-Toss, and thumb wrestling, I think the thumb wrestling provided the most spectator-entertainment-value.  If you check out the pictures, you can catch a couple of snapshots of Mikel in his campaign to win the iPod Shuffle, the prize for our game.  Mikel's domineering thumb, luck with the coin toss, and winning rock-paper-scissors game play catapulted him into first place and won the grand prize. 

Thank You!

Special kudos goes out to:

  • Karen Gibson for planning our Summer Mixer
  • Robin Stewart (Rob's assistant) for being photographer-for-a-day

Marketing Tips for the Small Business in Four Easy Steps (1 of 4)

Many small businesses want to grow, after all, the bigger you are the bigger your profits, you decrease the cost of production, and you thrive!  You can increase growth in five different ways for your business. They include:

  • Acquiring more customers
  • Keeping your current customers
  • Persuading each customer to buy more products
  • Persuading each customer to buy more expensive products
  • Persuading each customer to buy more profitable products

All five of these increase your revenue and profit. Let me encourage you to focus on the first, which is to acquire more customers. Why? Because by acquiring more customers you increase your customer base and your revenues naturally increase.  And, without more customers, you can’t do the next four bullets.

How can you use the “new” marketing or social marketing to acquire more customers? The new marketer always has social marketing options in their mind including: Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and News articles. Let’s first discuss Websites.

Once you have your products and services ready for market, and are ready to show them to the world, a website is essential. If you don’t have a website you are invisible to everyone except those who know of you by experience or word of mouth (if you are a home business) or those who walk by your store (if you have a brick and mortar location). 

Most people use the web to search for things they want. And, when they use the web, they want your information in front of them and they want it now.  To add to the mix, they choose from the first page that comes up in their search and don’t go much further.

Further, most people want a clear and concise message without flashing lights or dancing smiley faces. You should present a professional, well-written image because after about 2 seconds, if you don’t make a good impression, your potential customer is gone to the next website.

Your website is the prime way to acquire more customers. Using enticements such as great information, opt in newsletter, clubs, special offers, and constantly updated information you create a place where your customer can go anytime they want. 

Specifically, using an “opt in” newsletter where they give you their email is an excellent way to increase contact with your customers. Remember the “old” marketing rule of thumb, “you need to make at least 7 impressions on your customer before anything sticks”.  Instead of buying 7 Super Bowl commercials at multi-million dollar price range, you could instead send informative newsletters and special offers to keep your products and services “top of mind” by using your email list. 

Your website will be your prime marketing tool and if you treat it right it will serve you well and bring you lots of customers.  (Coming Soon! Step 2 – Blogging)

Carol Lord-Heuschele
C3 Consulting

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