May 2009

Wealth of Health

Good Morning!

Mike Deibler started of our meeting with a quick exercise entitled 'Good Morning'. 

UpWarm Up!


Patty SterlingPatty Prevents Probate

Patty followed up from her speech last week with a showboat detailing the different aspects of a trust.  Patty showboated how to:

  • Protect yourself while still alive, in case of medical emergencies with a health care directive
  • Ensure that your children go directly to the caretakers you wish with a simple guardianship provision
  • Make sure your money, home, and personal property go to your loved ones with a living trust

Finally, she showed us how doing all this will save you and your family time, money and taxes.

Lawrence Bakur, ChiropractorStress Relief

Our chiropractor, Dr. Lawrence Bakur (, talked today about the 3 types of stress people can experience. Physical Stress, Emotional Stress and Chemical Stress. Unfortunately, many people discount the connection between their emotional stress and the manifestation in thier physical pain. Dr. Bakur then disscussed a few of the techinques he uses to identify the stress, and then release it. 

Barbara LukehartGetting Back Up

Continuing on with the healing theme, Barbara Lukehart ( related a personal story from a serious sub-arachnoid brain hemmorage. Out of every 100 people that experience this, 99 do not recover.  Barbara is the 1 that did.  She attributes her recovery to the fact that her body had the proper nutritional building blocks from Dr. Wallach's products to rebuild itself after the hemmorage.  Make sure you do too.

Beach Bash

Instead of our regular Thursday meeting, next week we will have our Summer Mixer on Saturday June 6 at 11:15am.  This is a mandatory meeting for members as this replaces our regular week. 

50% of outside tips come from friends and family of the LeTip members, and this is where we get to meet them while having some fun in the sun.

Remember: No Meeting Thursday, June 4.


We had some really nice prizes today for our raffle, which culminated with a $50 gift certificate for a spa from Ana Meyers.  We'd also like to express our gratitude to the other members that donated prizes, Dr. Bakur, Karen and Barbara in addition to everybody that participated.  The funds really help out with our group's marketing efforts.


Today we passed around 27 tips. 

BOD Breakfast @ LLewellyn's

Next Monday is our Board of Director's meeting at 9:00 at Llewellyns (1121 Chalcedony St, Pacific Beach).  All members are invited.  Let us know if you're coming to make sure we make enough waffles!


Make it a great week,
Llewellyn & Rich


ps - Mike's Bootcamp Tuesday Mornings @ 8:30 in Balboa Park are a great way to get in shape for the summer.  And they count as a tip too!

pps - For those of you that know somebody running the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon this weekend, hang out by mile 14, as our very own Chris Wilson's band, Endoxi, will be playing there!


Thought for the week:

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

                      - Robert Collier

A little post-meeting business networking
Post Meeting Networking networking in san diego

Why You want to Avoid Probate / What to do if you're in a car accident

John McConnell receives his official LeTip BadgeJohn McConnell receives his LeTip name badge

Our personal trainer, Mike, started off our meeting by using the one thing I do well against me.  We did a variation of the squats which alternated between standing up and sitting down.  This simple variation on an everyday activity woke us up and energized everybody for the meeting.

Art & Architecture

Our first guest today was an artist, Harrison Howard, who specializes in murals and prints.   Sue's 'Community Resources' flyer is what sparked Harrison's interest in our group and motivated him to meet with all of us.  Thanks Sue, for doing such a great job!

Also back for his second meeting was Alin Maxon, a local architect specializing in re-designing local hotels and businesses.   It was great seeing you again and we hope to be adding you to our membership next week.

Tweak your web page for more business

Carol Lord, C3 MarketingCarol Lord welcomed everyone with her showboat table that not only showed the variety of marketing services she provides, but it also illustrated how to optimize a web page to increase the number of visitors converted into customers.  The first page a customer sees on your site needs to be structured differently to convert that viewer into a customer.  This first page, referred to as a 'landing page', plays by different rules and Carol can provide the expertise to help you win.

Patty Prevents Probate

Our first speaker, Patty Sterling (Pacific Coast Trust), had everybody do a quick exercise in calculating how much of their estate would actually be taken by the state, if they were not protected by a 'bullet-proof' living trust.  In California, the process of probate is a 2-3 year long process before the people you care about get the property you have expressed a desire for them to have, and that's IF everything goes smoothly.  The worst case scenario is when your wishes are 'contested' and your wishes are not fulfilled.  The best way to avoid this situation is to avoid probate completely with a trust.  The reason this avoids probate is because the trust lives on, even when you don't.

Patty Prevents Probate

Rob Colosia, Personal Injury Tips Get It In Writing

Our next speaker, Rob Colosia (Law Offices of Robert B. Colosia), personal injury attorney, went thru what you need to do if you get into an accident.  Rob pointed out that at the time the accident happens, most people are regretful and honest, and at this point, you can get a clear story.  As time goes on, people ruminate about how their insurance is going to skyrocket and memories change, and if you haven't taken the time to document the event, both with yourself and an official police report, you will end up fighting a he-said-she-said battle.  Rob gave us a handy guide to put in our glove compartments outlining each of the steps we need to do in case this unfortunate situation ever happens to you.  And of course, we recommend adding his phone number to your mobile phone now.  (619) 231-8340.


This meeting's raffle prizes were donated by Rich, Patty, Mikel, Rob & Ana .   Our appreciation goes to these members for donating the prizes, and thank you to everybody that participated.  Congratulations to the winner!

Upcoming Events:

Also, Thursday night Mikel held a 'Yoga on the Beach' session.  If you didn't make it out, we encourage you to go to the next one - the beach is lovely, Mikel is a fantastic yoga teacher, and we can all use a little extra flexibility in our lives.  Hope to see you next month!  Contact Mikel for details.

Also becoming a fixture on our LeTip calendar are the Tuesday Boot camp sessions with Mike Deibler at Balboa park.   They start at 8:30am on the lawn at Balboa and Prado.

Hope everybody's enjoying the Memorial Day weekend!
- Rich & Llewellyn

ps - There will no Meeting June 4 in favor of our Summer Mixer June 6, 11:15 at Glorietta Bay Park in Coronado.  Guests are more than welcome! RSVP's to Karen.

No Meeting June 4 / SUMMER MIXER June 6

There will be NO MEETING JUNE 4, 2009 at the Riverwalk Golf Course Clubhouse. 

Instead, we will be having our Annual WIN LeTip Summer Mixer!  It will be June 6 starting at 11:15am at Glorietta Bay Park. 

Guests are welcome to join in the fun - just please RSVP online or give Karen Gibson, our Business Mixer Chair a call  (619) 733-8094.

  • Get to know our group on a more social setting
  • Bring the Kids!
  • Tasty BBQ (Thanks Shane!)
  • Bring your own chairs & blankets

More Business With More Conversions

Yes, we brought back the HIGH FIVE. 

We kicked off this week's meeting with a fun round of shaking hands and high-fiving. It was fun slapping hands with our guests & getting to know them.  Brian Young, from Mutual of Omaha, was new to the whole 'LeTip' concept and wanted to evaluate if it's a good option for his financial advisors.  Lisette King visited us, not only interested in the Credit Repair or Identity theft categories, but she also made the beautiful hand bags that were on Debbie Bonham's show boat table.  While we missed Brian, it was also good to meet his business partner, Tommy Neer.  Thanks for visiting!

Follow Up!

The first thing Mikel discussed was identifying Key Performance Indicators and the math driving the bottom line.

  Actual Doubling Prospects Doubling
Conversion Ratio
Monthly Revenue $5000 $10,000 $10,000
Prospects 200 400 200
Customers 20 40 40
Conversion Ratio
10% 10% 20%

Mikel Bruce - Converting Prospects into CustomersIf a business wanted to double their monthly revenue, there are two options:

  1. Double the number of prospects seen every month
  2. Double the conversion ratio

Typically doubling the number of prospects is a very resource intensive proposition.  It can mean an expensive advertising campaign on top of requiring more help just to handle talking to that many more people.

A much more efficient solution is to improve your business's conversion ratio - talk to the same number of prospects, but just convert more of them into customers.

How is that done?


On average it takes 7 contacts to convert a prospect into a client, and most people give up after 2 tries.  Keep things friendly and use 'pleasant persistence' in your follow up calls. Another way to get thru those '7 contacts' is a monthly email newsletter.

It's also vitally important to have a system where you can track and keep a history of each contact with your prospect.  You can either use a manual system or one of the online 'Customer Relationship Management' systems. 


Welcome Florence!

This week was Florence Casiez's first meeting as our official Massage Therapist and she received one of the fabulous perks of membership, the blue LeTip business card holder.  Welcome to the group, Florence!

Super Star!

Not only did Mikel lead today's roundtable, he also received his silver name badge from LeTip International, in recognition of all the members that he has helped place into LeTip.  THANK YOU for your outstanding contributions to this chapter!

As always, our appreciation goes out to everybody that donated prizes and participated in the raffle, and congratulations to the winners.


Today we passed 22 tips around the room.

We missed quite a few members at the meeting this week, and look forward to reconnecting with you all next week!

Deep thought for the week

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."
                          -Albert Einstein


Have a great week!
 - Rich

ps - The Monday meeting will be at Chris Wilson's house, 4112 Datcho Dr. San Diego, CA 92117 - 9:00am. 

LPO & Sew Sew Sew

Mike Deibler, San Diego Premier Training
Tools of the Trade,
San Diego Premier Training

I love the enthusiasm that new members bring to our group.

It was fantastic to have John McConnell, one of our chapter's newest members, step up and contribute the warm up for today's meeting.  John, our psychologist, got everybody's blood flowing and brains primed for business with some stretching and breathing excercises.

It was great to connect with new faces this morning. We would like to thank the following guests for attending and hope they saw how our group could help them grow their business.

  • Florence - our new massage therapist has been voted in. Welcome Florence and a special thanks to Erin Fong for inviting her!
  • Alin - Architect with Maxon Design in Ocean Beach was an incredibe wealth of knowledge and was clearly an authority on architecture in San Diego
  • Malia - Visited us from Serra Mesa Le Tip chapter, it is always great to meet with other dedicated LeTippers!
  • Tina - a life coach - came in good cheer and is planning on joining in the future!

Marketing Moves

Carol Lord, our Marketing expert, explained how writing for the web (Landing Page Optimization, LPO)  is opposite of what you learned in high school.  She pointed out that people don't read on the Internet - they scan. If they don't catch a scent of what they're looking for on your site, they will bounce on to your competitor's site.  Some tips she offered include:

  • Your landing page, the page that a visitor sees first on your website, should have one clear message that pops out to the reader.
  • People like the trust symbols during a checkout process and they help build confidence. 
  • Use bullet lists!  People absorb the information better.
  • No matter how tempted you are, refrain from including your life story on your web site.  Web surfers are repelled by big blocks of text.  Brevity rules!

Wedding Dress 4 MUCH LESS

Sew What Tailoring

Did you know a perfect-fit, custom made dress from Sew What Tailoring can cost HALF AS MUCH as a dress from a boutique?  Debbie, illustrated that difference. 

  Boutique Custom-made from
Sew What Tailoring
dress $1200 $825
alterations $800 nada - it's custom made!
BOTTOM LINE $2000 $825

A client of Debbie's had come in and brought 3 pictures of the dress that she wanted for her wedding.  Instead of getting an 'good'-fitting dress (after alterations) from a boutique, she got a custom made, perfect-fitting dress from Debbie.


35 Tips today! Paul - you should have been here! a lot of people need flowers for mom!

We even saw 1 escrow tip for architectect, a great power partner for Seth, our real estate agent.


As always, our appreciation goes out to the Barbara, Sue, Mike, Jamelin and Carol, who donated prizes today.  Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to everybody that participated!  The raffle funds really help our group grow.


LeTip LeMonday will be at Patty's in Poway - come and pow-wow with other members to grow our chapter!  It's especially important as we start to enter the summer months. 

May 14 Networking Extravaganza is happening @ 5:30pm at the Holiday Inn off of Mission Gorge Road.  $15 in advance, $20 at the door - Get some great food and make some better business connections!  Contact for details + RSVP.

June 6 is our Summer Mixer @ Glorietta Bay Park!  Tell your guests to save the date!


Deep Thought for the Week

The Law of Income:  You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.
                               T. Harv Ecker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


Rich & Seth

ps - please welcome Seth, who's helping out with the recaps during Llewellyn's vacation. 

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