April 2009

Exercise Your Networking Skills

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Today we had two great guests join us, William Holzhauer & Tammy Rimes, proprietors of Hacienda de las Rosas winery in Old Town. We were excited to have our first visit from a winery  - We think this adds an extra touch of class and sophistication to our chapter.  

We are also grateful to have Tina Pavez, a Life Coach, join us as well.  

Between our two guests, one way or another you should become a happier person. 

Mike gives Chris his first flying lesson.

Whither while you work...

Mike Deibler, our personal trainer, showed us all the different things that happen to our bodies if/when we sit at a desk 8 hours a day.  (Yikes!).  He then used the intrepid Chris Wilson to show us simple exercises and stretches we can do to compensate and restore our bodies.  We also learned that Mike just missed out on competing in the Olympics by a mere two centimeters.  Mike offers a lot of interesting and educational videos and blog posts on his website - we encourage you to check it out. 

Jamelin JohnsonDoes Renting Make Cents?

Jamelin Johnson, our loan officer, took us through an interesting case scenario with several properties she had found the night before on Craig's List.  One of the condos she found was being rented for $1800 per month.  A comparable condo, in the same complex, that was on the market.  After running the numbers, she calculated that the monthly payment for purchasing the same condo would be $1840 per month, including the HOA fees.  That's a $40 difference between renting and owning.  For less than the price of a dinner out on the town, you could be owning your own home.

Matin Atrushi

Interested in investment options outside as well as inside the stock market?  Contact Matin Atrushi, our Financial Advisor.

The Doctor is 'IN'

John McConnell was welcomed into our growing chapter today, receiving the one of the highly sought-after benefits of membership, the blue-velvet LeTip business card holder.  John is an accomplished and experienced psychologist and we all look forward to getting to know him.

Also, this meeting was Tina's second visit, and she submitted an application to be our chapter's Success Coach! We look forward to voting on her next week.

More than a handshake

Today Mike got our blood flowing using one of the techniques in his group workouts - pairing.  Partnering with the person next to us, we joined palms and played a little game of standing arm wrestling.  It's amazing how powerful it can be working with a partner, to boost the energy level of our meeting.

33 Tips

We had a strong number of tips passed around today, 33 Tips with 1 escrow for wine tasting.  I imagine if our meeting were in the evening, there would be a lot more escrow tips...

Drinks are on us! 

Barbara raffled off some great prizes from William & Tammy (I'm sure Karen will be enjoying her wine tasting!), PaulTina, and Sue.  Thanks to everybody who participated - the money helps keep the group growing with great guests and fantastic new members.

Also, don't for get to visit Hacienda de las Rosas Winery in Old Town on Cinco de Mayo!

We missed you!

There were quite a few members that couldn't make it to today's meeting.  :(  We hope you're all well and look forward to seeing you next week.

Don't forget!

Next week, there is no LeTip LeMonday LeMeeting at Llewellyn's - our board of directors will be at a training seminar by LeTip International. 

Deep Thought for the week:

Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.
                        - Napoleon Hill


Have a WINNING Week!
Rich & Llewellyn



ps - For new members, make sure you coordinate with Erin Fong, our seminar director, about attending LeTip's next Network Training Seminar.



Don't Drop the Ball!

What get's your motor running?

Business Networking Ball

We started today's meeting passing Mike's medicine ball around the room.  The first time, as we were still waking up, Mike clocked us at a sluggish 24 seconds.  He then motivated us to work together better with the threat of pushups.  Anyone who's been to one of Mike's bootcamps knows what a threat this is, and we ended up reducing our time by over 30%, clocking in at 16 seconds!  And already working together as a well oiled networking machine!

Great Guests - We had another great group of guests this week, helping us to keep the ball moving:

  • John McConnell - Financial Psychologist
  • Tina Pavez - Life Coach
  • Cheryl Hanson - Fortune
  • Erin Whitford - Massage Therapist
  • Florence Casiez - Massage Therapist
Thanks for coming - It's always great to meet up with other motivated business professionals.

Latest recipient of the BLUE VELVET BIZ CARD HOLDERJohn McConnell, PhDBigger & Better - Today was Brian Geffen's first meeting as an official member.  Brian is a printer and owner of Duds By Dudes.  Not only does he do business cards, which we all need, but he also does a variety of promotional products. 

Also, today we voted in John McConnell, our new psychologist, we are all looking forward to greater mental health.


Diversify!Our Financial Advisor, Matin Atrushi

Matin, our financial planner, was our first speaker today. He got into his industry from his deep desire to help people be financially secure.  One element on the path to financial security is having a well diversified portfolio.  This is one area where Matin's company, Western Financial Advisors has a large advantage over other firms, having a variety of portfolio options, some that even include land investing. 

Matin also is working to raise funds to combat Lou Gehrig's disease with a comedy show next Thursday at the Comedy store.  Contact Matin for details.

Building on a good foundation

3rd Generation Builder - Derek WattenbargerDerek grew up in construction, sweeping up construction sites with his grandfather at the tender age of three.  This experience raised him with the skills to do quality work, and the understanding of the resulting consequences if you cut corners.  Derek encouraged us to not only improve our houses, but to take care of the small problems you notice quickly and professionally before they become large, costly and painful predicaments.

Raffle Raffle Raffle

Our appreciation goes to Tina, Paul, Debbie and Sue for donating the raffle prizes.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the participants.  We'd like to give a special thanks to Paul for consistently contributing his beautiful bouquets to brighten up our raffles.


And the reason we're all here - this week we passed 23 tips, and had one escrow tip for a massage therapist.


The Board of Directors meeting is coming up this Monday, April 29, 9:00 am at Llewellyn's (1121 Chalcedony St).  Attendance isn't mandatory but is a GREAT way to get involved and help build up our group.

SAVE THE DATE: JUNE 6!  Save this date on your calendars for our Summer Mixer at Glorietta Park in Coronado.  It will be loads of fun for the whole family and friends.  There has been a rumor floating around that Endoxi may show up for a special guest appearance!

Parting Thoughts

People don't do business with companies, people do business with other people that they like.

Business Networking in San Diego


Breath Deep

Do you have trouble making it to your 7:00am meetings?

Take a deep breath.

Feel the air flowing in through your nose, filling your lungs up and rounding out your belly.

Now let it all out. Mike showed us this trick to get the blood flowing and mind going, even at seven o'clock in the morning.  Of course, being our personal trainer, this exercise also helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and relieve back pain.


April 16 Meeting

Another packed house. 

While there's much love to go around between the members, it's great to see all our guests' fresh faces and get a chance to learn about them.  Thanks to all of you for making the effort to wake up early and helping to make a great meeting:

  • Nicolas de Segonzac - business coach
  • John McConnell - Psychologist
  • Jenna Materasso - Video phones
  • Derek Patterson -  Foreseen
  • Mary - Psychologist

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Showboater Showed Houses

Derek showboated this week and gave us a chance to see photos of his work and what he had done to dramatically enhance .  Many people remarked, "Oh, I wish I had that kind of bathroom," to which Derek replied,

    "You can."

Brian Geffen, Duds By DudesOur New Printer, Brian Geffen

We're excited to welcome Brian Geffen of 'DudsByDudes' into our chapter.  Brian will be filling the  Printer category.  We look forward to meeting with you again as an official member next week!

Buying a TV vs. Buying a House

Think of how much time you spent buying your last TV, researching on the internet, at Best Buy, talking to friends and family.  Even though this is a $300-$1,000 purchase, the average consumer spends 6 hours over 3 weeks researching this decision. There are so many details to consider.

When you're buying a house, it's a $300,000 to $1,000,000 purchase and there are so many details that not only escape the average person, but also an average realtor.  This is where Seth's considerable knowledge and experience really come into play to help you get the right deal.

"Knowledge is free, experience is priceless"
                                       Seth O'Byrne

Seth breaks it down

Myth of the Silver Bullet

Rich YumulThere's a common belief that if you want to double your business, you need to get twice as many people through your doors.  Rich Yumul, our software consultant, showed us in our second talk how if you do a variety of modest improvements throughout your business, they will multiply together to more than double your business.

Rich then led us through an exercise to discover some of the places we can tune up our own businesses.  The exercise went like this for me (Llewellyn):

  • First, select an area of focus (Leads)
  • Next, think of five areas that affect that focus. (Leads)
    • Talking at user groups
    • Following up with clients
    • blogging
    • co-working
    • National talks
    • Next, select one of those (co-working) and repeat
      • Work with Platrasha
      • Blog with Dan Gilkerson
      • Lunch & Learn at Intuit
      • Ruby project with Mattetti
      • Sun spot project with Jason
  • Now, take one of those things and identify a way to tweak it so it works better.
  • My business would be better if I spoke regularly at Intuit.

Although at this point we've only identified one way to tune up your business, if you were to drill each level to the bottom, there are 25 improvements you will find.  Meaning, if you did this exercise one time a day for a month, you will have a dramatically improved business.  Rich then pointed out that if that 'improvement' involves computers, you should probably give him a call.

Latest from the Mikel Bruce Collection Raffled

We're both excited to see that Mikel has continued to make more pottery and disappointed that we did not win it in yesterday's raffle. We'd also like to thank Paul & Barbara for their donations, the other participants, and to congratulate the winners.

Networking Isn't Just On Thursday Mornings

On a sad note, this month's visitation had an unusual number of people that did not make the time to get to know their fellow members better.  Probably the additional pressure of tax time distracted us from focusing on each other and could also explain the low tip count (17).  We hope that this week that you will not only take the time to strengthen your relationships but also strengthen each others' businesses. 

Remember, what you get out of LeTip depends on what you put into it.

Next week we will be hearing from Matin and Derek as our featured speakers.  Jamelin will greet and Seth will show us  how a 'real' real estate expert showboats.

Try to make it out on Monday, for Llewellyn's LeTip  LeMondays (1121 Chalcedony St in Pacific Beach).  Work on your speeches, work on developing better power partner relationships, work on building our chapter.  


Have a great week!

Llewellyn & Rich


ps - Mother's day is coming up soon (May 10). Karen & Paul have specials to make Mom happy.

Group Dynamics & Tour de Taglines

Chair, anyone?Are you sitting down right now? Is your chair in a line, upside down, or back to back with another chair? Hopefully Thursday's workshop gave you some new insights on how to work better with others rather than against them.

Mikel warmed us up with some yoga warrior poses. Erin was gracious enough to serve as Mikel's assistant, showing us the proper form.

Spring break contributed to many absences today, but fortunately we still had a full house due to our wonderful guests showing up in force.

We'd like to make a special thanks to:

  • Dave Connors - Caterer
  • Brian Geffen - Screen printer
  • Tom Bordyczewski - Window Cleaning
  • Tom Sandler - Picture Framing
  • Robert Rosenthal - Send Out Cards

Paul did a great job with his floral show boat table. It was also really nice to see Paul's wife, Ellen, again. Ellen helped out with his show boat and participated in our roundtable.

Flowers By Rosie

Group Dynamics

Which way do these chairs go?
Chair chairs chairs....
Post-rountable discussion

Today we did a roundtable where we did an exercise examining how different groups interact with each other. We split up into three groups, each given a different task:

  • Arrange them in a line
  • Arrange the chairs back to back
  • Put the chairs upside down

Everyone took away different things from this exercise. Some saw how the groups perceived each other as adversaries, and worked against each other instead of together. I know a company where the accounting department delights when marketing screws up, they see each other as competing, rather than collaborating towards the same goal.

Others saw the importance of communication, and how that can help to focus effort and relive frustration.

Still others took away insights into how easy it is to tune out and disengage when you feel frustrated, and like your efforts are bearing fruit.

Personally, I noticed the territorial aspects and see parallels to Apple's iPhone. When Apple first came out with the iPhone other developers started making apps for it. Apple's first reaction was those are my customers ("chairs") I need to protect them ("sit on them"). They did this by updating the phones and breaking all of them that were hacked. Developers then responsed with new hacks to make the phones usable again. So apple did an other fix to prevent them, then the devepolers This fight continued for 1 year before they decided to open the app store (March 2008) and work with the developers ("we could make a line of upsidedown chairs"). Since they started working together last march, they have sold 1 Billion apps.

Thanks to Sue, Carol, Paul, Dave (Pasta Bravo) and Barbara for donating the raffle prizes. Congratulations to the winners and thanks also to everybody that's supporting the group in ticket sales.

Tour de Taglines

Due to the time constraints with the rountable, instead of the typical 30 second commercials, we had a lightning round where all the members simply delivered there tagline. A tagline is an essential component in helping people remember you.  Can you match up the member to the tagline?

Ana See what it's like when your clothes fit you right
Anne Showing you the difference between having insurance and being insured
Barbara Changing the way you feel about your hair
Debbie Your body is worth saving
Derek If you don't want to retire, that's your business. If you do want to retire, that's MY business
Erin Don't win, don't pay
Jasmine When you have to send flowers, come see us we'll show you ours
Lawrence Helping you live younger, longer
Llewellyn Your home remodeling specialist
Martin Large or small, we sell them all
Mike We help you train hard, so you can live easy
Mikel Helping small businesses grow to their potential
Paul Put your face in my hands
Karen Let me take care of the details, so you can focus on your business
Rich We put you in control of your website
Rob Taking I.T. to the next level
Seth Show you family you care and protect yourself
Sue Develop the 'pro' in your programmer

We had 20 tips passed today, with 3 escrow tips.

Things to remember:

Tuesday Mornings @ Balboa Park (Balboa & Prado) is the LeTip Bootcamp with Mike Deibler. For the new members that haven't attended the Network training seminar, please contact Erin Fong to coordinate.

Hope everybody has a great week!

Rich & Llewellyn


You know what's awesome?

Today's meeting was awesome

Not only did we have great talks, great performances, and great people, but it was also a record breaking day:Sue Crowder, Record breaking tipper

  1. Today set the record for the highest number of tips passed at a meeting (47)!
  2. Today Sue set the record for the highest number of tips passed by one person at a meeting(10).  Way to go Sue!
  3. Today set the record for the most money raised by our raffle!

Our awesome showboat came from Barbara Lukehart, our Health & Wellness expert from Youngevity.  She had introduced us to a variety of the different lines of products she sells to help you live younger, longer.

Barbara Lukehart, Youngevity

Our awesome warm up was from Chris.  Chris (if you haven't yet, check out his band, Endoxi) treated us to a little sampling of his blues guitar to kick things off.  

Our awesome guests today included Debbie's friend, Leora, a Mary Kay representative, and back for some seconds, was Dave, a caterer from Pasta Bravo.  We hope to see him next week, returning as member!

Anne Pettay, GuardianAwesome Talk #1: Insurance as a Retirement Plan

Anne Pettay, our Life Insurance expert from Guardian, showed us how whole life insurance was an integral part of planning for retirement.  Having the advantages over a traditional 401K or an IRA  not only include being able to withdraw from it early (maybe to make a down payment on a house) but it also grows despite the Wall street's ups and downs.

Awesome Talk #2: Flower Power!

Paul shared a story about the importance of reminding your loved ones that you're there for them. Paul told us about a mother whose husband and brother were both serving in Iraq during the birth of her son.  To make matters worse, her mother and father could not come to visit due to illness.  Paul ended up being the one to deliver her not one, but three separate bouquets.  In the end, not only did they make her happy, but every time she saw them she knew that her loved ones were with her in spirit.  He then reminded us to take a moment to make sure that we let the people we love know that we're there for them.

Extra Bonus: Use the code 'LETIP' on his website (www.flowersbyrosie.com) for a 20% discount.

Big Winner!Awesome Raffle!

We had a fantastic array of gifts today which resulted in the most money raised by our raffle to date!  Thanks to Mikel, Anne, Paul, Debbie, and Dave (our Pasta Bravo Guest) for donating the fabulous prizes.  Thanks to everybody that participated too!  Erin was sitting in Lady Luck's seat today as she won twice, going home with the spa package and a beautiful bouquet of stargazers.

Next Week's Awesome Round Table

We're going to do things a little differently next week.  First we're going to have a round table on Group Dynamics from Llewellyn.  Round table meetings have extra value for guests because they focus on business development.  If you have some guests that you've been working on, please put some extra effort in inviting them to next week's meeting.

Also, we're going to be doing a tour de tag lines next week, where all you will be able to say is your tag line when we pass the bucket around.  So if you haven't gotten one yet, this is the week to figure it out!

As usual, LeTip LeMonday will be at Llewellyn's, 1121 Chalcedony St in Pacific Beach.  If you're coming up in the speaking schedule, it's highly recommended to come as Llewellyn's helping the speakers with their speeches.

Have an AWESOME week!
Rich & Llewellyn

ps - For the new members that haven't attended LeTip's Network Training Seminar yet, please coordinate with our lucky Seminar Chairperson, Erin Fong.

pps - If you have ideas for warm up activities to get the meetings started, please let Mike Diebler know, our new Warm-up Chairperson.

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