February 2009

Grow Your Business in 30 Seconds

The 30 second commercial (aka elevator pitch) is a key tool in any business professional's toolbox.  The term was coined from the idea that if you stepped in to an elevator with a potential customer, what do you say to explain what you do and to win their business before the elevator ride was over? Crafting your 30 second commercial is an excellent exercise for any business professional.  The 30 second time limit helps you focus and distill your message to the essence of your business, and the value that you give your customers.  Further, a short speech will give you more time to listen, which will give you a better opportunity to figure out how you and your business can serve this particular person.  The goal of your 30 second commercial should be to start a conversation, and permission to continue it.

Tips on crafting your 30-second commercial

When you make your 30-second commercial, try to include these ideas:
  1. Write it down. Unless you're an unnaturally gifted speaker, writing it down makes it easier to organize your thoughts and fine tune your message.
  2. WIIFM -What's In It For Me?  Ultimately, this is what the person listening to your 30 second commercial is waiting to hear.  Make sure you answer that in the simplest terms.  Don't try to cram too much information into this - keep it simple.  If you spark the listener's interest, they'll ask for more.
  3. Tag line. Bonus points if it rhymes. I know it sounds corny, but tag lines help make your message stick. 
  4. Make it memorable - Using a statistic or a personal story helps people relate and remember.
  5. Be enthusiastic - if you're not excited about your business, why should others?
  6. Call to Action - Make sure you have a clear call to action, a 'next-step'.  It can be 'buy now', 'call for more information', 'visit the website', 'register', etc.  Don't leave it up the customer to figure out what the next step is to give you business.  Make it easy and guide them.

Polishing it off

  1. Practice it!  Practice reading it out loud.  Once it's been ingrained in your brain, practice it some more memorized.
  2. Record yourself.  Either use your computer or a voice recorder.  Some phones can also be used as a voice recorder.  When you listen to a recording of yourself, you hear all the little things you do when you're busy focusing on delivering your speech.
  3. Video Tape yourself!  It's amazing (and can be painful) both watching and hearing all your little habits and speaking ticks as recorded on a video.  Video gives you fantastic feedback on how others perceive you.  It's pretty common for laptops to have web cams.  They are great tools for this method of improving your speaking skills, and you can do a video practice session in 5 minutes (a minute to get setup, a minute to record, and then three to review).

Practice with real live people!

Once you're ready to share your 30 second commercial with the world, where can your practice it with real live people?  Business networking groups like ours,  San Diego's Wealth In Networking , gives members a chance every week to practice their commercial.   The structured meetings guarantee that you will practice your public speaking skills.  Further, it's a friendly environment to practice, full of other supportive, high quality professionals , eager to help you out.

Another side benefit of membership in a business networking group is that the other members become an extended sales force.  Your 30 second commercial also doubles as a mini-sales force training session!

Make another one!

You should have at least two elevator speeches:  one for your grandma (assuming grandma doesn't understand your profession), and one for somebody in your industry.  However, that doesn't mean you should stop creating speeches after you have your first two done.  Keep on trying new ones, that feature different services, promotions, products, benefits, etc. and have the best ones committed to memory.  How do you know which ones work the best?  If you're a member of a business networking group, use the practice at the weekly meetings to fine tune your message.  Track the number of responses or leads that you get with each commercial, and pretty soon you'll be able to see which one is more effective. 

Once you have your polished 30 second commercials, it will be a valuable tool in opening up new conversations, getting more leads, landing more customers, and ultimately growing your business.

Feb 26 2009 Meeting Recap

It always feels good to sit down to another full and energetic LeTip meeting.  
Tip Master's Tips by Llewellyn Falco
One of the reasons for such a great meeting is our wonderful guests:

  • Sondra – Family Law
  • Mike – Personal trainer
  • Matin – Financial Advisor
  • Larry – Videographer

And newly voted in members:

Today, Mikel Bruce (www.webflexor.com) did our warm up exercise with a couple yoga poses.  Mikel not only stretched our bodies, but helps to get our blood flowing and our minds focused.  These warm ups really contribute to the high energy of the meetings.   Do you have an idea for a warm-up activity?  We'd like to have more ideas.  If you do, let Llewellyn and Rich know.

Erin Fong @ V Workshop
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Our main speaker today was Erin Fong (www.vworkshop.com).  Erin is our hair stylist, working out of the V Workshop salon downtown on the corner of F and 10th.  Erin talked about people who get their haircut on a time-driven basis, like men who need their haircut every 4-5 weeks, versus people who get their hair cut for a special event, like wanting to look good at a wedding or a CD release party.  Erin helps people learn to work with their hair so it not only looks good when it leaves her studio, but they look and feel great all the days in between.

Sue's showboat table highlighted all the different products and services that Union Bank help people and small businesses with everyday.  If you don't have an account with Sue, we encourage you to give her a call (619) 221-2828.  Rich personally vouches for her incredible customer service.

Rich won the flowers!We had another prize-filled raffle today, thanks to all the members that donated: Sue, Paul, Barbara, Mikel, Shane & Kathy.  It was nice to see Mikel's bowl get some competition from Paul's beautiful flowers.  Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Finally, the reason why we're here, the tips!  Today we passed 20 tips and 3 escrow tips.  On a side note, it's interesting to see the new pathways that are opening up among the new and old members.  We look forward to seeing these continue to develop into profitable relationships.

Rich & Llewellyn

ps – There is a Board of Director's meeting next monday at Llewellyn's, at 9:00.  A good meal will be had by all.


Feb 19 Meeting Recap

Seth & Derek

Seth & Derek

We got a break from the rain with a beautiful Thursday morning, starting up our weekly meeting with a mental exercise from Llewellyn.  We split the room in half where one team had to accomplish three tasks in a row, and the other side had to multitask, working on them all at one time.  The results convincingly showed how much time is wasted each time you switch tasks.  Moral of the story: focusing on one task at a time is far more productive than multitasking.

Next we introduced our guests:

  • Andreas - Photographer
  • Derek – General contractor
  • Jamelin – Loan Officer
  • Brett – Window Washer

As always, we want to extend a warm welcome and thank our guests for the great energy they contribute to our meeting!


Today's main talk was from Dr. Bakur (http://www.lifestreamhealingarts.com).  He demonstrated, first with Patty, and then with Jasmine, how our subconscious and feelings of guilt and worth manifest themselves in our physical body.  Basically, the mind can lie but the body can not. Dr. Bakur resolves and heals those conflicts that afflict his patients, which in turn result in better well being, both physically and mentally.

Dog with a Cone on it's headToday was visitation, where instead of focusing on ourselves, we shared stories about each other (If you have not shared your story this week, please make sure you're ready for next week).  We also learned about the similarities between proper microphone technique and a dog with a cone on his head, and Jasmine might have got a new boyfriend.   Or at least an admirer.

Today's raffle featured lovely prizes from Seth, Dr. Bakur, Karen, and Barbara.  Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our winners. 

Karen Gibson (www.mindfulskin.com) presented a stupendous showboat table, highlighting many of her skin care products.  Further, she brought in her time machine, which shows you what's in store for your skin if you don't take care of it.

On a low note, quite a few of us (eight) couldn't make it to this meeting, we look forward to seeing everybody next week and hope you and/or your loved ones are doing well.

On a high note, Andreas, Derek and Jamelin submitted applications for our chapter, who we anticipate voting on next week.  It will be great to have high quality people fill in the photographer, general contracting and loan officer categories!

Next Monday LeTip LeMonday's will resume at Llewellyn's, 1121 Chalcedony St in Pacific Beach.  These meetings aren't mandatory, but is a great way to help build our chapter as well as sharpen your marketing skills.

Rich & Llewellyn

Seth - #1 Realtor in La Jollaps - Cool News!  Our Seth O'Byrne was voted 'Best Realtor' in La Jolla by the La Jolla Residents Reader's Poll!  Be on the look out for it in the Feb 26 issue of the La Jolla Village News.

Feb 12 Meeting Recap

Love the one you're withToday's LeTip meeting started off in celebration of Valentine's day with Dr Bakur playing his rendition of 'Love the One You're With'.  

Carol started the annual election process for the board of directors positions.  Nominations will be opening up soon, and we will be voting in March.  

Today's roundtable was led by Patty Sterling (www.pacificcoasttrust.com) on how to change your focus and bring new opportunities all around you into view.   She demonstrated this by having us look for brown things around the room, then having us close our eyes and remember all the red things.  Once you open your eyes, you start seeing all the things you didn't see when you were focused on brown.

Patty Sterling - Change your focusWe then broke up into small groups to work on simple habits that can help each other grow our businesses.  Some of the ideas shared included:
  • Use your email signatures not only for your contact information, but also add a tagline to spark ideas.
  • Blog.  Regularly. It's a great way to build up your reputation as an exert on your topic, stay current in people's minds, and it also helps you rank higher in the search engine results.
  • Have a hand-off letter. “Now that you've finished setting up your bank account with Sue, here's a list of trusted people that new business owners tend to need.
  • Twitter/Facebook Promotions, as well as email.  “Hey everyone, Patty's doing 10% off if you need to setup a trust.”
  • Weekly power partner follow up.   For example, every week, Seth asks Kathy which parties she planned.  He makes a note to follow up with the weddings in a few months, when they might start thinking about more space.  Every week, Patty asks Seth which houses got sold.  She makes a note to follow up in 6 months when they might start being concerned about protecting their new home.  Every week, Kathy asks Patty, who she setup trusts for.  She makes a note of those with kids, who are going to need birthday parties planned.
We didn't get a chance to share all of the ideas, so please share yours with us!
Then our two newest members, Seth, our real estate agent, and Kathy, our event planner, received their LeTip blue velvet business card holders.  Welcome aboard, we're glad to have you!
Our appreciation goes out to all who participated, and especially those of us who donated the fantastic prizes:  Patty, Sue, Ana, and Debbie.  Congratulations to the winners!
As always, we missed a few members due to sickness: Chris, Jasmine, Anne, and Paul (don't forget, Valentines day is coming up - use the code 'LETIP' on his website for 20% discount!).  We look forward to seeing you all next week!
Next week's Monday will be at Patty's in Poway, 9:00 am.
Finally, as a testament to our SEO & Website Design members' level of excellence, try googling 'yoga website design'.
Llewellyn & Rich
ps – Please remember we will be doing visitation next week.  If you have forgotten, here's the list:
Allen Stovall will meet Robert Colosia 
Robert Colosia will meet Anne Pettay 
Anne Pettay will meet Paul Devincezo 
Paul Devincezo will meet Erin Fong 
Erin Fong will meet Lawrence Bakur 
Lawrence Bakur will meet Rich Yumul 
Rich Yumul will meet Chris Wilson 
Chris Wilson will meet Carol Lord 
Carol Lord will meet Debbie Bonham 
Debbie Bonham will meet Mikel Bruce 
Mikel Bruce will meet Ana Meyers 
Ana Meyers will meet Susan Crowder 
Susan Crowder will meet Jasmine Guerrero 
Jasmine Guerrero will meet Llewellyn Falco 
Llewellyn Falco will meet Pattty Sterling 
Pattty Sterling will meet Shane Haithcock 
Shane Haithcock will meet Barbara Lukehart 
Barbara Lukehart will meet Karen Gibson 
Karen Gibson will meet Allen Stovall


Feb 5 2009: Meeting Recap

Hello again, this is your weekly recap from Rich & Llewellyn. 

We are very excited to announce the addition of two new members voted in at yesterday's meeting!

Kathy Deneen (http://www.kddesignsevents.com), our new Event Planner and
Seth O'Byrne (http://www.obyrneteam.com), our new Residential Real Estate Expert

It will be exciting to see how the power group develops between Kathy, Erin & Paul.

Today's talk was from our bookkeeper, Ana Meyers, a timely topic with tax season approaching.  Ana explained to us the differences between a CPA and a bookkeeper, and how a bookkeeper is a more cost effective way to keep your books in order.  Essentially, having a CPA do your books is like paying a surgeon for your annual checkup.  She also showed us how having your books kept in order enables you to make the critical decisions needed to grow your business and keep it profitable.  If you haven't already gotten your books in order, give Ana Meyers a call at (619) 972-2382 today.

There's always a few members that can't make our meetings - we look forward to seeing Barbara, Karen and Jamine next week.

Shane was our biggest winner at today's raffle, winning a complete Valentines day set from our new florist, Paul.  Congratulations to the other winners and much appreciation to the prizes donated by Mikel, Llewellyn, Carol, Debbie, and Sue.

If you haven't already, schedule your visitation with your partner;  we will be giving commercials for each other on February 19.

Don't forget, LeTip LeMonday will be at Patty's in Poway (as well as next week's Monday Meeting).

On a going forward basis, the meetings on the second Monday of each month will be at Patty's too.

Also, for new members and the members looking for a refresher course, there will be Network Training Seminars on February 16 in Encinitas and February 23 in San Diego.  Contact our regional Director, Ana Vega (800) 538-4780 to RSVP.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Llewellyn & Rich


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